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10 games to stimulate creativity in children

Let’s create conditions for children to participate in games that stimulate creativity in children anytime, anywhere

1. Color Perception

Teaching children color perception is very important for children. First, you should give children objects with basic colors such as white, black, blue, red, etc., then ask them to find objects around them with similar colors. In this way, children will quickly memorize the colors in their heads easily. When your child is familiar with the basic colors, you can teach them other colors such as green, blue, light, dark, etc. To make them interesting, you should let them play games by naming a color and then asking your child to point out objects that have that color to you.

2. Guess the object

– Guess the objects is a fun and popular game for children. When playing this game, parents should change many different types of objects to bring excitement to children. Accordingly, parents should suggest to children to carefully practice every detail such as shape, color, and properties … of objects so that children can think and visualize in their heads to be able to correctly name objects.

– If the child answers correctly, you should praise and encourage the child to have fun and be interested in the game. If the child guesses the wrong name of the object, you should give more suggestions for the child to continue thinking and looking for the object. When participating in the game of picking up objects, children will learn a lot of things such as recognizing and distinguishing many objects, learning many new words, exercising intelligence, and being more agile.

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3. Guess the letter

– To help children get acquainted with letters as well as develop their intelligence and creativity, parents should let children participate in guessing games. Accordingly, parents should give children a letter and then hide it and suggest for children to find that letter. When your child finds it, ask him or her to read the letter out loud.

– In addition, parents can let children play guessing letters in another form. First, you read a word out loud, then ask your child what letter the word begins with. Your child will read the word again and visualize the first letter to answer you. In these ways, children will quickly recognize and memorize the letters.

– To stimulate creativity in children, parents should let children participate in games of guessing letters and numbers.

4. Counting numbers

– Besides teaching children letters, parents should combine for children to play waiting for scores to recognize numbers. This is an effective way to help children exercise their creativity and be more interested in learning math. Parents can guide children to play games with numbers from easy to difficult levels depending on the age of the child.

– First, you can teach children easy-level games such as counting fingers, hands, counting objects, and animals,… Then let your child play number-matching games and get acquainted. with simple calculations like addition and subtraction. Over time, you can come up with more complex math problems and gradually increase the numbers to stimulate children’s imagination and judgment.

5. Find the difference

– Find the difference is a game that promotes creativity and stimulates children’s imagination. You can teach children to participate in this game anytime and anywhere. As you begin to teach your child how to play, you can have your child find differences in easy and simple objects. For example, when you go to the supermarket, you see a fruit stall full of bravery, but there is an apple mixed in it. Ask your child to find out where the stall is. Surely children will easily find the other strange red apple.

– When the child gets used to it, you can increase the difficulty level of the game. Accordingly, you should prepare two simple pictures with similarities and differences, then work with your child to find the similarities and differences. You can challenge your child to see who you and your child will be able to find more points to keep them interested. This is a game that trains children to quickly observe and develop intelligence.

6. Divide objects into groups

– Grouping objects is a very attractive game for children. Accordingly, you find about 3 to 4 different groups of objects. With a group of objects, you can choose from 1 to 3.

For example 1 ball, 2 pencils, 3 rulers, etc. Then, you mix these objects together and ask the child to divide these objects into clusters or groups.

– To create excitement for the game and help the child to be more responsive, you can set a time request for the child to complete the game. When your child starts playing, you can set a timer to remind them to finish the game as quickly as possible.

7. Painting

– Painting is a game that helps children develop their imagination and creativity while also training children to be patient in work and later life. At first, you can buy your child pre-drawn notebooks for him to color and familiarize himself with the drawings. With these coloring books, children will perceive colors, learn to recognize objects, as well as exercise hand and eye flexibility.

– When children are a little older, let them draw simple shapes by themselves such as oranges, apples, and flowers, … and gradually improve depending on the aptitude of each child. Through painting games, children not only train their fine eyes and flexible hands but also recognize the world around them from simple to complex.

– Painting is a game that helps children develop their imagination and creativity while also training children to be patient.

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8. Puzzles

– Puzzle is a game to help children increase their ability to observe, explore and create. This is a popular game loved by many children. Parents can buy their children blocks of different shapes, colors, and sizes. When getting used to the game, parents should let children arrange simple patterns, then gradually increase the difficulty of the game. At first, you can both guide and build the picture for your child to follow. After you know how to jigsaw puzzles, let your children create their own “unique” works.

– When children complete their work, you should encourage and motivate to create excitement for children.

  9. Squeeze clay

– You should prepare children with colorful clay blocks, rolling tools, and cutters for children to create their own creations. With this full set of clay modeling tools, let’s create fun and lovely works with your children.

– The game of modeling clay not only helps children stimulate their intellect, but also helps parents discover their child’s hidden artistic talent.

– Clay casting is a game that helps stimulate creativity as well as develop more flexible and skillful hand muscles.

10. Storytelling

– Among the games that stimulate children’s creativity, storytelling is a special but equally important game. There are no letters, and no numbers, but through stories, children will learn a lot of things about their lives.

– Every night, before going to bed, take a few minutes to tell your children good and interesting stories. Once your child gets used to the stories you tell, you should encourage them to retell them. If your child doesn’t remember details or has trouble expressing himself, suggest that he continue telling his story. This is not an easy game, but by talking to your child every day, their expressive skills will develop rapidly.