What is the future of Cryptocurrency?



The basic point of virtual currency was to allow people to buy able to buy and sell virtual currency without  having to be rich or from a banking family .Epintoken. The idea of someone being able to sell a pizza  for crypto  in the past was mind blowing since it shown people all around the world bitcoin or future crypto had real world value not just geeks online.


With so many currencies such as the Pounds, Euros dropping over the boomers many mistakes keep coming back to haunt the younger  people more and more  the idea of buying into  a shitcoin in the hope of it being made into the next Bitcoin seems good investment idea for short term or long term investing overall but with all of these sort of shitcoins people must be able to handle losing all the money if something goes wrong here.


With the wages dropping more and more in the West in regards to the general expenses such as the high Electric or Oil prices that means the standard wages or ways to make money from traditional jobs will not work long term anymore or even short term in some cases for why the idea behind investing into stable coins like Bitcoin or ETH will become more and common as time goes for why I believe in some cases employers will actually pay people more and more into crypto than traditional money so people can still afford to live in the West instead of being forced to move into the Asian world to cope with the lowest costs there compared to all Western countries overall.


Let’s say you own like $300,000 worth of crypto into any Stable coins that could mean you could fairly easily be able to sell this asset and buy into real estate then be able to retire young or simply buy your first own on the cheap or easy without relying on high paying interest rates which is often what most banks try and do to force people to pay back high amounts of costs for getting one first home when most during that find it like tuture to just cover the general lifestyle cots which is why so many end up forced into doing second jobs or working a extra like 20 hours per week in some cases or buy property friend a friend or partner in some cases to help people cope with the costs in some cases