No air conditioning or fan? The trick to cooling the house when it's very hot

With the high temperatures, it is often difficult to fall asleep at night. However, it is possible to refresh your body and enjoy a good night’s sleep with these simple and effective tips, even without a fan or air conditioner.

Cooling your body when it is very hot at night, no fan and no air conditioner is possible with these tricks. This will ensure you have a restful sleep in hot weather.

Here are some tips you can try to cool your body during hot nights.

avoir chaud la nuit

Being warm at night – Source: spm

    Keep sheets in the freezer to cool

    eteindre les lumieres

    Before going to bed at night, put your sheets in a plastic bag and place them in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes. This trick will allow you to enjoy a little moment of freshness, while you fall asleep.

    • Wearing wet pajamas cools the body
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      Slightly moistening your pajamas before sleeping may help you sleep better, despite the heat. Also, prefer loose cotton pajamas, in order to allow the skin to breathe better. Synthetic materials are also to be avoided. Note that even the sheets should be lightweight cotton. Indeed, this material allows better ventilation, and promotes the circulation of fresh air in the bed.

      • Keep a damp cloth in front of the window to cool the house

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        To refresh the ambient air of your bedroom, it is advisable to hang up a wet towel or a sheet moistened with water in front of the open window. Thus, the breeze that will pass through the damp linen can lower the temperature of the room overnight.

        • Unplug all electronic devices for better cooling

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          In addition to consuming energy and weighing heavily on the electricity bill, electronic devices produce heat, eteindre les lumiereswhen left plugged in. That said, unplug the appliances you’re not using to lower the heat in your bedroom and save energy.

          • Turn off the lights to cool better

eteindre les lumieres

Turn off the lights – Source: spm

Only turn on your bedroom light when it is completely dark. Make the most of natural light, because the less light you use, the cooler your room stays. Indeed, the bulbs give off heat. The amount of heat emitted differs depending on the type of bulb. You should know that LED bulbs are those that give off the least heat, because they only transform % of their energy in heat. The rest is converted into light.

  • Cool down by taking a cold shower before sleeping eteindre les lumieres
  • Taking a cold shower in the evening is effective to bring down body temperature, in addition to feeling fresh and clean.

    • Use a cold hot water bottle to cool down

If in winter the hot water bottle allows you to warm up, it can also be effective in cooling the body and the bed. To do this, fill it with cold water and keep it in the freezer. Then put it under your sheets or under your pillow, if you don’t like it to be in direct contact with your skin. This will allow you to regain a feeling of freshness that can help you fall asleep.

  • Refresh with a cold foot batheteindre les lumieres
  • eteindre les lumieres

    avoir chaud la nuit

    Foot bath – Source: spm

    Toes are temperature sensitive. Immersing the feet in a basin of cold water is very effective to cool the whole body. By the way, to cool off quickly, just cool the pulse points of our body, such as the neck, the groin, the back of the knees, or the inside of the wrists. This is where the body eteindre les lumieres is most sensitive to heat.

    Thanks to these tips, you will be able to cool your body during hot summer nights, and protect it from dehydration, without even using a fan or air conditioning system.

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