Moles in the garden? Forget the traps, this plant scares them away

They can decimate your plantations by digging their galleries. Moles are rodent pests that can be difficult to drive away. Fortunately, a powerful repellent plant can help you keep them away in no time.

Moles are among the rodents that can settle permanently in your garden and ravage your crops. Did you know that it is possible to get rid of these little garden beasts with just one plant?

What is the plant that keeps moles away from your garden?

If moles are harmful rodents for your garden, it is because they feed on your crops, fruits and vegetables included. They can also ravage flowerbeds and lawns. It is possible to get rid of them without using chemicals or traps. With just one plant, you can scare them away in no time.

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– Onion is a condiment plant that keeps moles away

To ward off moles permanently, it is recommended to grow onions in your garden. The smell of these biennial herbaceous plants is hated by these rodents which can attack your vegetable garden and your crops. To do this, you will have to sow it around your plantations to protect them from attacks.

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There are other plants that can permanently get rid of moles

Au Beyond planting onions, there are other plants that can effectively repel these rodents that are harmful to your plantations . It is easy to sow them and they will beautify your garden!

1- Castor is ideal for repelling moles

This exotic-looking plant has repellent properties against moles. The reason ? Its fragrant seeds are toxic and its thorns give a signal to the rodent that it would be dangerous to eat it. Only recommendation: it is not recommended to grow them if you have pets. You can replace this plant with castor cake, a natural and vegetable fertilizer, which in addition to repelling moles accelerates the growth of the lawn thanks to its richness in nitrogen.

2- The hyacinth is a flower hated by moles

Hyacinth plant – Source: spm

In addition to beautifying your garden, planting hyacinth is one of the best ways to ward off an invasion of moles. In question, a powerful smell that instantly makes these harmful rodents disappear. To take advantage of its properties, you can sow them on the edge of your plants and your vegetable garden.

3- Euphorbia lathyris is effective in fighting against the presence of moles

Specialists call it mole grass precisely for its ability to ward them off. Like the onion, this biennial plant gives a signal to rodents not to approach. The reason ? This plant contains latex, an irritating and smelly substance that repels moles. To take advantage of its repellent action, it is advisable to introduce the stems into the galleries dug by the moles. Because of its irritant nature, it will be necessary to handle the euphorbia with gloves and not to bring it near your body.

4 – Narcissus bothers moles

In addition to being a beautiful flower to plant in your garden, this plant keeps moles away from your green space thanks to its smell. You can plant them everywhere to prevent rodents from digging galleries . You can also mow your lawn to prevent these animals from settling there.

White Narcissus – Source: spm

5- The imperial crown can help you keep moles away

Also called Imperial Fritillary, this plant not only looks stylish for your green space but also gives moles a signal to flee. Like the onion, this flower gives off a strong odor which irritates the sense of smell of these pests . Better still, this plant is ideal for repelling all types of rodents such as mice and field mice which can also ravage your crops. It will be necessary to sow it around your plantations and in the places where the moles have dug their galleries. In view of the strong smell of the imperial crown, it is not recommended to plant it around a terrace or a balcony.

To keep moles away, it is not recommended It is not always necessary to use chemicals or to install traps. Cultivating certain plants allows you to keep them away permanently.

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