JBL Reflect flow Pro Review: Amazing Sports Fitting Earbuds

What features should premium quality fitness earbuds come with? A lightweight but durable build? A secure and stable fit? A lively sound signature? For the majority of sports earbuds, all are mandatory. Therefore, the JBL Reflect Flow Pro delivers the whole package along with active noise cancelation adding a cherry. With this model, the JBL brand has continued its legacy of producing some of the best earbuds in the market. The targets and motifs of this device are clear; a stay-put fit, active listeners who want amazing sound quality, and the option to mute interruptions. However, with the price tag which puts this pair at the higher end, does Reflect Flow have enough to make your deal worthy? Let’s find out in this guide. Continue reading if you want to know more about these earphones.

Sound Quality and Performance

Sound quality is not usually a priority when it comes to fitness earbuds. But the Reflect Pro is an exception to this tradition. With clear bass that is often pumped out by active earbuds, the JBL model ensures a dynamic sound. It is equally enjoyable during your rest days and on the run. Although 6.8mm drivers lie on the smaller side, they provide excellent detail with impressive separation. The sound signature is warm but balances rich bass with treble tones, and clear, crisp mids that offer plenty of room for your music to come out.

On the other hand, if mega bass is your priority, there are punchier options available in the market. Navigate the Reflect Flow Pro to the JBL Headphones app and configure its levels according to your choice. Even if you choose the bass focus, the low ends don’t dominate the overall music-listening experience. Moreover, adaptive noise canceling is of great help, quieting the outside sounds to create a soundstage where only the music voice resides. You can toggle the Ambient Aware with just a tap which is helpful if you want to silence traffic noise. However, if you choose to escape, this pair does an excellent job of muting low sounds whether on the trail or train.

Design and Fit

Borrowing a tips and wings approach, the Flow Pro uses Powerful attachments and silicone tips to create a stable fit for you. Instead of sticking straight in, a perfect fit needs a twist. As a result, you get a lock-tight setup that remains in your ear canals. Whether you do the workout or run, the Reflect Pro never experiences the risk of falling out or shifting position. However, earbuds with hooks often put extra strain on your ears. To avoid this, you must spend time finding the right combination of wing shape and tip size. There are four of the former and three of the latter. To your surprise, this pair is quite comfortable to wear even for a longer period of time.

What is more, this model does not come up with initial expectations. Although they come with a rounded shell that looks like it will stick out of your ear canal, they are not the tinniest earbuds on the market. Yet, they ensure a striking balance once you wear them. They are not too big to feel attention-seekers or cumbersome. Further, they are not small enough to be fiddly to control.

Connectivity and Interface

It is extremely simple to set up the Reflect Flow Pro. By just pressing a button on the back of the charging case, you enable them for Bluetooth pairing. Furthermore, solid is connection strength, with the earphones connecting as soon as you open the charging case. But if you rarely lose the wireless pairing, you can solve this mystery issue by just putting the pair back in the case and restarting it. There lies a capacitive touch surface on the outside of each side which you can configure separately from the other. These are perfectly sized and have the right amount of sensitive for a fingertip to poke. They are easy to look for and tap while you are jogging.

More than that, you can customize controls through the JBP Headphones app which offers many adjustment options. It also comes with auto-pause smarts that can halt the tunes when you pull out from your ears. In short, there are different ways to pair JBL earbuds which allow you to establish a connection with ease.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2
  • ANC: yes
  • Microphones: 3 per earbud
  • Drivers: 6.8mm
  • Water resistance: IP68
  • Battery: 10 hours (earphones), 20 hours (charging case)
  • Weight: 7g (per side), 77g (with charging case)


  • Secure and firm fit
  • Good stuff
  • Solid noise canceling
  • Balanced and dynamic sound
  • Useful app features


  • Slightly plastic finish
  • A little large charging case