In the Dark Cast Their Hidden Talents Beyond Acting

In the glittering world of Hollywood, actors often shine brightly, but there’s more to these stars than meets the eye. Beyond their impeccable performances on screen, many actors possess hidden talents that range from the artistic to the athletic. In this article, we’ll dive into the lives of some remarkable individuals from the cast of the TV series “In the Dark” and discover the surprising skills and passions that lie beneath their acting careers.

Unveiling the Multifaceted Talents

  1. Perry Mattfeld’s Aerial Skills

    Perry Mattfeld, known for her role as Murphy Mason in the series, has a captivating talent for aerial arts. She’s a skilled aerialist who can gracefully perform acrobatic maneuvers while suspended in the air. Her Instagram feed is filled with stunning aerial silk routines that showcase her incredible strength and flexibility.

  2. Keston John’s Musical Prowess

    Keston John, who plays Darnell James in the show, isn’t just a talented actor; he’s also a gifted musician. He plays multiple instruments, including the guitar and piano, and has a soulful singing voice. His music often reflects his Caribbean roots, adding a unique flavor to his compositions.

  3. Brooke Markham’s Culinary Expertise

    Brooke Markham, who portrays Jess Damon, has a passion for the culinary arts. When she’s not on set, she’s experimenting with new recipes and sharing her culinary adventures on social media. Her love for food is evident, and she’s known for her delicious homemade dishes.

  4. Casey Deidrick’s Skateboarding Stunts

    Casey Deidrick, who takes on the role of Max Parish, is an adrenaline junkie off-screen. He’s an avid skateboarder and often shares videos of his impressive tricks and stunts on social media. His dedication to the sport is commendable, and he’s even collaborated with skateboarding brands.

The Intersection of Passion and Acting

  1. Kathleen York’s Songwriting Journey

    Kathleen York, who plays Nia Bailey, is not just an actress but also a talented songwriter. She has penned songs for various artists and movies, including the Oscar-winning “Crash.” Her music is heartfelt and reflective of her experiences.

  2. Derek Webster’s Martial Arts Expertise

    Derek Webster, who portrays Hank Mason, has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His martial arts skills extend beyond the screen, and he’s actively involved in teaching self-defense techniques. His dedication to martial arts is a testament to his commitment to personal growth.

Pursuing Passions Outside the Spotlight

  1. Thamela Mpumlwana’s Love for Photography

    Thamela Mpumlwana, the young actor who plays Tyson Parker, has a keen eye for photography. His Instagram account showcases his talent for capturing stunning landscapes and candid moments. Photography serves as a creative outlet for him amid his acting career.

  2. Morgan Krantz’s Comedy Writing

    Morgan Krantz, who takes on the role of Josh Wallace, is not only an actor but also a witty comedy writer. His humor shines through in his writing, and he’s contributed to various comedic projects outside of acting.


  1. Do these actors’ hidden talents influence their acting careers?

    While these talents may not directly impact their acting, they provide a creative outlet and enrich their personal lives.

  2. Are there any upcoming projects where we can see these talents in action?

    Some actors occasionally incorporate their skills into their roles or side projects, so keep an eye out for surprises.

  3. Do these hidden talents help them unwind from the pressures of Hollywood?

    Yes, these passions provide a welcome escape from the demanding world of showbiz, allowing them to relax and recharge.

  4. Can fans interact with these actors regarding their hidden talents?

    Many actors share their talents on social media, providing fans with a glimpse into their creative pursuits.

  5. Where can I access more content related to “In the Dark”?

    You can access more content and updates about “In the Dark” by visiting the official website or following the cast on their social media profiles.


“In the Dark” may revolve around gripping mysteries, but the cast members themselves are mysteries waiting to be unveiled. Beyond their acting prowess, these talented individuals showcase a kaleidoscope of passions and skills that make them even more fascinating. As we celebrate their on-screen performances, let’s also applaud the depth of their hidden talents.