How to clean a transparent cell phone case to make it look like new?

Protecting your mobile phone from accidental drops, dirt and germs is indeed highly recommended. It is always advisable to bet on a solid shell to preserve your mobile. But, if the latter is not maintained correctly, its action will no longer be optimized. However, against all expectations, the smartphone case tends to get dirty very easily and very quickly. And for good reason, even if we never take our eyes off it, our device is put to the test on a daily basis. We put it down just about anywhere, we put it away in our bag or pocket, and we don’t always wash our hands before handling it. Suffice to say that the case is a veritable nest of dirt and bacteria. In dark or patterned models, soiling sometimes goes unnoticed, which should not deprive them of regular cleaning. But the most vulnerable are above all the transparent shells: the dirt can be seen with the naked eye and their yellowish appearance is particularly unsightly. Here are the best remedies to keep them clean.

It’s fine to protect your smartphone, but if you don’t take care of its case, it won’t be safe dirt and bacteria. If you want to preserve its longevity, it is necessary to clean this accessory from time to time. No need to overspend on special products. Some homemade solutions will do just fine. We bet that you already have all the products offered in this article. They are very popular, accessible everywhere and inexpensive. Your transparent case will be sparkling clean!

etui transparent

Transparent mobile phone case – Source: spm

L Bleach is one of the most popular and powerful cleaning products. It is commonly used at home to clean the floors or to get rid of the most stubborn stains. It turns out that this product is also a particularly suitable solution for disinfecting our mobile case and keeping it intact. However, as it is quite aggressive, it is best not to apply it on colored silicone cases, as it may hard to wash and discolor them. On the other hand, to clean a transparent shell, it is perfectly indicated.

NB : we recommend that you wear gloves so as not to irritate your hands and so that the smell does not stick to them.

Directions : In a container, pour three parts water and two parts bleach. Leave the case in this mixture for at least half an hour to get a thorough cleaning. If the case is really dirty, we advise you to rub well to remove all the stains that accumulate on the walls. Once this process is complete, it must be rinsed with plenty of water and left to dry quietly. Be careful, before putting it back on your mobile phone, make sure that there is no trace of moisture left!

Baking soda – Source: spm

If you prefer the alternative of a natural remedy, baking soda soda is the ally you need. It is very likely that this white powder already has its place in your kitchen. It is also a popular ingredient that many people use regularly at home to help with various tasks. This natural product is thus a very effective option, since it will both disinfect, detach and whiten the case. It will help you quickly remove accumulated dirt and neutralize the most stubborn residues.

Instructions for use : in a container, pour warm water and a tablespoon of baking soda. Stir the mixture well until you get a sort of paste. Distribute this mixture inside and outside the mobile case, trying to reach all corners correctly. Leave the powerful action of bicarbonate to act for a little over half an hour. Once this time has passed, rub the paste with a brush. Then rinse thoroughly. Your case will never have been so clean!

tube dentifrice

Tube of toothpaste – Source: spm

Toothpaste against dirt on mobile phone cases

The last option may seem strange to you, but it really works! Some still don’t know it, but toothpaste is another unsuspected cleaner that we all have at home and that can help you with this task brilliantly. Thanks to its abrasive, whitening and antimicrobial properties, this white paste will quickly make your transparent shell shine.

Instructions for use : spread the toothpaste on the surface in circular motions. Help yourself with a microfiber tissue or a similar texture. To clean the inner part, we advise you to use an old toothbrush. It will be very useful for you to reach the most inaccessible corners. You will have to pay particular attention to the holes in the case: act very delicately, since they are those of the camera and the headphones. For a few minutes, rub everywhere until all the dirt is well eliminated. Then rinse thoroughly with clear water. And let dry the time it takes.

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