Garage Door Safety and Security What You Need to Know

Garage doors are more than just aesthetic installations. They boost the property’s value and also improve its security. However, most homeowners are not aware of how to get the best out of their garage door’s security features. You can check this out to learn more about the security features of your garage door.

If you already know those security features, then you should also know how to get the best out of them and your garage door. This article goes over the important safety and security information you should know to keep your home protected.

1: Keep Remote Openers Separate and Secure 

Garage door remote openers are handy devices that control the garage door for easy access and exit. This important device can, however, be hacked to access your home without your authorization.

An excellent way to protect your home from being hijacked is to keep your garage door opener safe and secure, preferably in areas far away from the garage door itself.

Many homeowners make the mistake of keeping their garage door openers in their cars. This can be dangerous, especially as robbers can use signal hijacking devices to lock onto the garage door remote’s signal and control your garage door from it.

If you’ve got a key fob, we recommend taking out your garage door remote from the car and keeping it in a safe, preferably in your bedroom. With this done, you can be sure that unscrupulous entities will find it a lot harder to compromise your garage door and gain entry into your home.

Going on an extended vacation? We recommend taking the garage door remote away from your home and safely storing it with trusted friends and loved ones. You can also disengage the automatic opener in your garage as an extra security precaution.

2: Install A Smart Garage Door Opener

Technology has led to the introduction of a variety of smart gadgets and devices. One of such devices is the smart garage door opener. Smart garage door openers are not only convenient but also give an extra layer of security to homeowners, especially when they are away.

With the smart opener, you can connect your smartphone, computer, or tablet and get real-time information on entry and exits from your garage.

This device can come in handy, especially when your garage is being broken into while you’re away. It can also keep you on your toes, reminding you to lock up properly after using your garage door.

3: Update Your Garage Door Passcode

One of the commonest ways robbers gain access to garage doors is through passcodes. Most homeowners use simple and connected passcodes to lock and unlock their garage doors. This can be a huge problem for them, especially when robbers can guess those numbers.

You stand a better chance of improving your home’s security when you rotate your garage door password frequently. Doing this can grossly eliminate the chance that someone who has spied on you in the past will get the code correct.

Also, it is recommended that you avoid using simple passcodes like “1234,” “0000,” “1111,” date of birth, or other personal information. Such information is easy to guess, especially when the robber is a familiar face.

4: Cover Your Windows

Garage doors are available in different styles and designs. Some designs and styles come with windows to give the doors an aesthetic finish. Such windows can easily be peered into by robbers to gain a visual understanding of what’s contained in your garage and how to manipulate the garage door.

If your garage door has windows, we recommend covering them with thick blinds or curtains. This can help dissuade would-be robbers, especially as they’ll be unable to guess what’s inside your garage and whether it is valuable or not.

5: Double-Check That You’ve Locked Manual Doors

Not all garage doors are automatic. In fact, many homes still have manual garage doors installed on their properties. It is important to double-check that the doors are properly locked to avoid oversights.

A recent robbery index revealed that over 30% of robberies were successful because homeowners forgot to lock their doors.

6: Close The Garage Door as Soon as Possible  

Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving their garage door open while they unpack or do other things. Doing this can give passersby an idea of your garage’s interior and could effectively compromise your security.

We recommend closing your garage door as soon as you’ve driven in or out of the garage. This safely ensures that no one gets a sneak peek into your garage and how to compromise it.

Following the above safety and security tips can significantly improve your quality of life and keep your home protected from break-ins, robberies, and burglaries.