Best Holiday Games to Get in the Christmas Spirit

Looking to get into the holiday spirit? You probably didn’t consider that video games can be a source of holiday festivities and activities. Let’s sled into some of the most fun and festive video games going into the 2022 holiday season!

Destiny 2
Every year, Destiny 2 players are treated to “The Dawning” during the holidays. There are wintery skins and surprise activities each time that revolve around the holiday spirit. One year’s event revolved around cooking, making players search their world for ingredients and help Eva bake some cookies. The cookies were then exchanged for cool new loot like the Avalanche Heavy Machinegun.

Overwatch 2
Every year, Overwatch has brought Winter Wonderland to FPS fans and Overwatch 2 won’t be any different. Winter Wonderland is a high-spirited in-game event that brings holiday-themed skins and cosmetics to your favorite heroes. This includes fun voice lines as well that are unique to the holidays. There are also winter-inspired limited time game modes like snowball fights and yeti hunts.

Dead Rising 4
Dead Rising 4 may be a violent zombie-killing action game but it’s weirdly Christmas themed throughout. There are holiday-themed weapons like Santa traps and candy cane crossbows to use on unsuspecting zombies to help you get into the holiday spirit. Basically, the zombie outbreak started during Black Friday, which explains the holiday backdrop. The game largely takes place in a mall so you’ll be able to do plenty of holiday weapon shopping.

The Escapists
This retro-inspired game is about escaping from a prison, including a lot of violence and intense moments despite it’s quirky aesthetic. Plus there is a free add-on known as Santa’s Sweatshop that is totally worth checking out. In this DLC, you play as an elf but basically go about your usual prison survival and escape plans. The 2017 sequel, The Escapists 2, has Santa’s Shakedown if you want more holiday fun.

Batman: Arkham Origins
This isn’t a Christmas game per say, but it all happens on Christmas Eve. This shapes the environment and mood of the game. There is also a Gotham skin covered in snow that will put you in the holiday spirit while taking down villains. This is a really fun comic book game that is intense and intriguing no matter the time of year.

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