Al Nowras Warehouse in Jebel Ali

Al Nowras Warehouse in Jebel ali offers customs clearance services for your goods. Its team of experts has extensive experience in the logistics industry and has developed strong partnerships with leading companies in the UAE. Its customer support representatives are available around the clock to provide assistance and answer any questions.

Value-added services

Located next to the world’s busiest blue water port, AL Nowras Warehouse provides a number of value-added services for businesses of all sizes. These include in-plant operations, packaging, and segregation. These services are fully custom-controlled and employ highly skilled resources from a number of industries.

Al Nowras Warehouse is a private company that focuses on service and value. It has more than fifty years of experience in the shipping industry and offers best-in-class solutions for its customers. Its customer care representatives offer live support to clients 24 hours a day. They treat every customer like a VIP.

The warehouse boasts of advanced facilities and a large plot area, enabling it to offer a range of value-added services. It offers a smoke-free environment, advanced technology, and a highly trained workforce. It also offers pre-delivery vehicle inspection and order fulfilment services.

Smoke-free zone

AL Nowras Warehouse is a modern and smoke-free warehouse offering a wide range of warehouse services. The company employs highly trained resources from diverse industries and operates a smoke-free environment. It also offers value-added services including order fulfilment, packing and labeling of goods. The company has been certified as a Green Warehouse by the Dubai Environment Council.

AL Nowras Warehouse is located in the UAE’s thriving industrial zone, adjacent to the world’s busiest blue-water port. In addition to being smoke-free, the warehouse has advanced fire and security systems. It is a major contributor to the UAE’s economy, ranking third among non-oil exporters.

AL Nowras Warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone is home to a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing and distribution. The warehouse is smoke-free, equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, and has a 24-hour customer care center. Its location next to the world’s busiest blue-water port and smoke-free facility make it an ideal location for businesses.

Customs clearance

Whether you’re shipping a pallet of flowers to a client in the United States or need to ship a box of wine to your friend in Dubai, you can depend on Al Nowras to handle your logistics and Customs clearance. The company has over 50 years of experience in the shipping industry and is committed to providing best-in-class solutions for each customer. In addition, their team of experienced specialists offers round-the-clock assistance and live chat support.

Located in Jebel Ali, the warehouse offers comprehensive logistic services, including packaging, labeling, and segregation. The warehouse’s modern facilities use advanced technology to streamline the process. Additionally, the warehouse is smoke-free and offers order fulfilment services. Customers are treated like VIPs by staff who have over fifty years of logistics experience.

When importing goods from overseas, it is important to ensure that you have all the proper documents, including a commercial registration certificate. In addition, your business must be affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Oman. Moreover, your shipment must also be accompanied by a valid airway bill of lading. In some cases, you may even need a permit from the Oman government. Whether you need help with customs clearance in the UAE or want to know more about importing goods into the UAE, Al Nowras Warehouse can help.