Someone blocked you on WhatsApp? This simple trick lets you know


Have you ever wondered if someone is ignoring you or if they really blocked your phone number? On WhatsApp, it can sometimes be difficult to get an answer and tell the difference. Discover tips will help you determine if you’re blacklisted by someone and on their blocked contacts list.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app used all over the world. Through this platform, you can send your friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues messages and multimedia content. However, these messages can be automatically ignored by Whatsapp thanks to the confidentiality settings and the Block this correspondent button. And for good reason, you don’t have to receive someone’s messages on your phone. It is still possible to know if you are one of the contacts blocked by your interlocutors.

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If there is someone in your life whose messages you prefer not to see, you can easily block them.

In the settings of WhatsApp, go to “Account”, then to “Privacy” then to “Blocked Contacts”. You can add a person from your contact list with the plus sign at the top right.

There is another option to adopt if a stranger sends you a message, press the phone number at the top of the conversation to open the profile. At the very bottom, you will find the “Block” option. This will allow you to no longer receive his messages.

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If you have the possibility of putting an end to the messages of your correspondent, how do you know if you yourself have been blocked by someone? You can’t see this specifically in the app but there are clues to affirm it.

The first proof is of course that the person hasn’t replied to your messages since a long time but that’s not enough to think that the person blocked you.

Another clue is that you can no longer see when this person last logged in times under your contact’s name. This is also not a guarantee as that person may have disabled it in the privacy settings.

There is also a third clue, these are the check marks next to your messages, read receipts, which are also revealing. A tick means that your message has been sent but has not been received by the recipient, two ticks confirm that the message is received. Messages from blocked contacts do not arrive. So if you never see a second tick, chances are you’re stuck. This element is also not a certainty that your interlocutor has blocked you because this person can also have their phone turned off.

The last resort is to try to call via WhatsApp . A phone call will not go through if you are blocked.

Only the person who blocked the phone number can remove contacts from the blacklist and unblock them.

The question to ask yourself is whether you want to know in a different way the reason why your correspondent has blocked you. You could ask out loud why she no longer wants to receive your messages. It is therefore unlikely that he is waiting for your messages and it might be better to accept it.

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