Pamper yourself with any of these five manicures this new year!

With the winter season rolling in, one can be susceptible to dry skin easily. Ever since the pandemic, everyone has gotten into the habit of washing hands multiple times a day. This can lead to dry skin around the hands and arm area. The dry hands are due to all the harsh chemicals in soaps. These harsh chemicals erode the skin around the hands and rob them of their moisture. This leads to dry hands and busted cuticles, especially during the wintertime.

That is why winter is just the time to get a manicure to rid your hands of dry skin. Manicures are, in simple terms, extensive treatments for one’s hands. With a pleasant look, moisture and collagen are restored as well within the skin. Manicures usually end with a set of freshly painted nails. Paintbox offers non-toxic nail paints in a wide range of colors. Make sure to be a part of  Paintbox shopping this new year if you wish to save better. Here are five manicures you can try for new years:

  • Omega 3 Manicure: 

Omega 3 is one of the most sought-after multivitamins. It’s not because of all the added benefits it contains within itself. Not only does it help hair and skin but also nails. Omega 3 fatty acids help in moisturizing and lubricating nails and cuticles. This restores lost moisture and gives a shiny and healthy look to the nails. These days, salons offer manicures that use Omega 3 fatty acid supplements as an ingredient for their manicures. Although a bit on the pricey side, an Omega 3 manicure can significantly impact your nail and cuticle health. Such a manicure is usually finished off with a light coat of nail paint. Vibrant colors and varied options are all available at the Paintbox brand. Do ensure to apply the Paintbox promo codes to get cheaper prices on your nail paints. 

  • Essential Oils:

Essential oils have been getting praise from influencers online. They are highly concentrated oils with extracts from different herbs and plants like lavender, eucalyptus, etc. Essential oils are extremely helpful for nails. The herb extracts have different benefits which are easily absorbed in the skin thanks to the oily medium. The oil base also helps moisturize the skin. This is why an Essential oil manicure is a way to go for this new year. Indulge in some pampering with the beautiful-smelling essential oil manicure. It will not only leave the hands looking and feeling good but also smelling good. Once the manicure is done, apply a thin coat of any nail color of your choice. Head on to the official Paintbox website to explore the vast world of nail polish. Avail of Paintbox discount codes to save some extra cash.

  • Massage cum Manicure:

Who doesn’t love a good massage? That is why a massage cum manicure combo is made for all the hardworking fashionistas out there. It starts with a stimulating massage on the hands and arms. This helps in lymph node drainage. Lymph nodes are known to retain water and a good massage can help in releasing the retained water. This helps in reducing bloating and promotes the growth of new and healthy skin cells. After the massage, indulge in some good old nail art using as many mail colors as one may like. Check out  Abracadabra NYC collection of nontoxic nail colors. With its diverse collection, Abracadabra NYC has something for everyone. Check out the Abracadabra NYC sale taking place during the New Year and start your nail care journey with a bang.

  • French Manicure:

We cannot have a conversation about manicures without talking about french tips. This classic manicure has been loved and revered by many for ages now. It includes painting the tip of each nail with a bright porcelain white. Sometimes people like adding a neutral base colour to the rest of the nail as well. It is finished off by applying a thin coat of shiny but protective upper coat. It gives a very chic look and makes one look effortless. One must choose to apply Paintbox deals when in need of better savings. 

  • Wax Manicure: 

This manicure is fairly new in the nail market. It might look intimidating at first but has a lot of noted benefits. A wax manicure typically includes immersing one’s hand in a bowl that seems to have a wax mixture. However, this mixture isn’t just wax. It’s a balanced blend of beeswax, shea butter, vitamin C, vitamin E, and the essential oil of choice. You are required to keep the hand soaked in the warm wax for a few seconds. Wait for its wax to harden, as you take out the hand with the coated surface.

Once hard, the wax peels right off the hand leaving behind replenished skin. This manicure helps blanket your hand in moisture, vitamins, and minerals present in the mixture. It helps in restoring life and health to your hands. Finish off with some nail polish. Paintbox offers a wide variety of non-toxic nail paints. Check out the Paintbox coupon codes to save some extra cash.

Every fashionista knows the value of a good manicure. If one wishes to be perceived as well-put, having healthy nails is a must. The way a person’s hands look says a lot about their personality and personal hygiene. That is why one should never hesitate in investing in a good manicure. With the new year rolling around, everyone will be attending multiple parties. A good manicure can help bring an entire outfit together. Beautiful and healthy-looking hands are a woman’s ultimate accessory. Social media influencers highly recommend many more kinds of manicures to try. But sticking to the basics works best.

The five manicures listed above are basic and will work wonders for your hands. The best way of finishing off any manicure is always with a set of painted nails. Paintbox offers an enormous variety of nontoxic and affordable nail paints. Head onto the official Paintbox website to check out the Paintbox coupons. Make sure to start the nail care regime as one needs it, with the use of Paintbox services.