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Video Game Cheating without bugs?



PC Game Cheating without bugs

A Relentless Team Tests Dozens of Games Daily To Make Sure Patches Don’t Break the PC Game Cheats.

Graph: The MegaTrainer undisputedly is the world’s most often updated trainer software with an average of 650 updates per month, ensuring the continuous and seamless functionality with any and all game patches. 

Since PC games are being released with more and more bugs, MegaDev takes a different approach: After every update, we reprogram all cheats manually, no more matter the cost to our sanity.

Once a free trainer breaks your game, what do you do? Games are filled with bugs lately and without constant content updates, the same can be said about trainers.

More and more patches – more and more bugs

Developing cheats takes time, programming them is strenuous manual labor, at least here at MegaDev.

PC Games have always been plagued with bugs but due to Early-Access releases and pressure from publishers, it has definitely gotten worse over the last couple of years. This results in several patches being released in the post-launch week alone, wrecking version counts, and trainer updates.

Why MegaDev is (mostly) bug-free

We offer cheats for over 2,300 games in our MegaTrainer. A number of them have more than 100 different trainer versions. For every single patch that is released, our developers test it and adjust/reprogram our cheats, if necessary.

Especially DLC releases can be a real pain in the ass. The same can be said for a game undergoing an engine update while in development.

In both cases, our developers have to redo the respective trainer (including all cheats) completely from scratch. A version number upgrade might look minor at first, but as is often the case, the devil is in the details.

Due to constant testing and redeveloping cheats we can more or less guarantee that 99.98% of our stuff works and is free of bugs. Being a tech company we obviously have a variety of in-house tools to make the day-to-day operations run more efficiently.

Be it dynamic scanning for changed byte-structures or automatic offset changes thanks to the power of the cloud & AI. The most important thing though, QA is still done manually to ensure smooth and working releases.

More than 650 patches per month

We ran the numbers and the results are quite fascinating. On average, our development team is updating and releasing new trainer versions for over 650 games per month while thoroughly testing them.

We are always doing our best to keep all +29,000 cheats for all +2,300 games, working at all times. Does this take a toll on our sanity? You betcha, but you are worth it!

Cheating, testing & patching – 24/7

All of our (partly very exclusive) cheats are programmed manually and tested extensively and MegaDev is the only service that offers (or can offer) awesome cheats for PC games directly after the game’s release.

The launch week of a PC-game is often categorized by several patches and hotfixes, roughly three to five during the first seven days, which results in a lot of content updates for us. In addition to all patches and game-updates, we also add 7 to 10 new games to our platform every week.

All you have to do is start your trainer (or re-sync it) and the updates are added automatically as soon as we have released them.

Source: MegaDev

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