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How Cloud Computing and Storage is Transforming Gaming



How Cloud Computing and Storage is Transforming Gaming

The progress in which innovations and technology come about in the video game industry is undeniably fast. As a form of entertainment across ages, today’s video games now feature almost realistic graphics, immersive environments, and incredibly swift processing times ⁠— and these improvements are only the tip of the iceberg.

According to Microsoft, there are more than two billion gamers all over the world. This means that game and product developers are in an arms race to quickly churn out games and accessories for every platform ⁠— be it mobile, console, PC, or head-mounted displays. One technology that’s slowly revolutionizing how developers work and the way gamers play is cloud computing. That being said, here we are going to take a look at what cloud computing is and how it’s changing the gaming experience.

A Brief Explanation of Cloud Computing and Storage

To put it simply, the cloud is a collection of networked computer hardware in a centralized data center. You won’t be able to physically touch the hardware, but accessing it is done through web interfaces. The cloud is also well known as a virtual storage center where you can upload files then conveniently download them anywhere you want, using a variety of devices.

However, the cloud offers more than just that. The ‘computing’ side of the cloud enables it to host a number of applications that can be used to streamline enterprise processes, protect a company’s data, and more. Cloud computing is responsible for one of the biggest digital disruptions in recent years, while storage continues to provide countless benefits for individuals, organizations, and entire industries.

Box points out how cloud storage allows you to store and share any type of file, manage your assets securely online, and collaborate with others from anywhere around the world. This has made it possible for various industries to improve their productivity, initiate flexible working arrangements, and stay fully function without an in-house server.

Virtually any industry or enterprise can employ cloud computing solutions. The gaming industry is notorious for relying on the strengths of devices and individual games, but now that’s slowly changing thanks to cloud computing solutions.

Cloud Computing and Gaming: A Perfect Pair

Without having to delve into the backgrounds of game development, cloud computing has transformed the gaming industry at face value. In order to have a complete gaming experience, gamers usually a lot of money into their equipment ⁠— and on top of that, they also have to buy games from different studios. With cloud computing, the upfront cost of games and equipment might now be squashed. This can be seen with Nvidia’s cloud gaming service GeForce Now, a subscription service that allows players to stream video games through the cloud. This is revolutionary for gamers, as they can now access multitudes of video games without having to individually pay for them. Furthermore, cloud gaming alleviates the toll placed on consoles and equipment due to the huge data demands, as the data is instead stored on the cloud ⁠— allowing players to play high-quality games on low-end consoles.

Additionally, cloud-based also has other benefits for both gamers and gaming companies. For gamers, cloud computing services ensure that their information is securely encrypted, allows them to switch between games and different platforms, and access their accounts anywhere they want. Cole of Duty notes that piracy is a growing concern among gaming studios so having their games available to stream on a secure cloud network can help mitigate this problem.

While cloud gaming is still foreign to a lot of gaming enthusiasts, huge gaming companies like Sony and Xbox are now looking to virtualize their consoles. So, we can only expect that cloud computing will further enhance the gaming experience in the near future.

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