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Datadobi Offers Ultimate Unstructured Data Migration Flexibility with S3-To-S3 Object Migration Support




DobiMigrate 5.9 provides the ability to migrate or reorganize file and object storage data to the optimal accessible storage service

Datadobi, the global leader in unstructured data migration software, today announced DobiMigrate 5.9 with added support for S3-to-S3 object migrations. The addition of S3-to-S3 object migrations offers the most flexible and comprehensive software suite for migration of unstructured data. Customers can move data in any direction between on-prem systems of different vendors, cloud storage services, or a mixture of both. All objects and their metadata are synchronized from the source buckets to the target buckets.

Together with existing support for all NAS protocols, DobiMigrate customers can now benefit from the ultimate flexibility to migrate or reorganize their file and object storage data.

“We have always been a company that can manage our customer’s most difficult migration projects and have been involved in a number of different types of object migration projects over the years,” said Carl D’Halluin, Chief Technology Officer, Datadobi. “In this release, we are incorporating everything we have learned about S3 object migrations into our DobiMigrate product, making it available to everyone. We have tested it with the major S3 platforms including AWS to enable our customers’ journey to and from the cloud.”

The ability to move unstructured data whenever needed allows customers to continuously optimize their storage deployments and data layout. This keeps data on the optimal accessible medium needed at any moment, enables users to decommission ageing hardware, and offers the freedom to reconsider which data belongs on premises and which data better lives in cloud services.

With its unrivalled knowledge of cross-vendor storage compatibility, Datadobi has qualified migrations for an ever-expanding list of storage protocols, vendor products, and storage services, including S3 object storage, SMB and NFS NAS storage, and Content Addressed Storage (CAS) and is a partner with most of the major storage vendors.

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