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Update: Sony Postpones PlayStation 5 event on June 4




We have known for a long time that 2020 will be the year that Sony finally launches its next-generation console. However, the company still has us on edge to wait.

We know that the new PlayStation will arrive at Christmas 2020. We also know many of its specifications and how it will be like. According to the plan: next Thursday, June 4, Sony will present the games you can play on Playstation5. It will do so at 1:00 PM Pacific time.

Ryan also points out that the event should last about an hour, but does not say how many different games they will show.

New Sony Announcement Via Twitter

Unexpectedly, Sony has just announced the cancellation of the event where it was going to present PS5 and its first games. The company did it via Twitter,

In a brief statement, the Japanese company merely communicates that they do not consider this moment “appropriate for celebrations.”.

Sony does not set the new presentation date. Although we hope it will be in the coming weeks. According to the latest leaks, an event lasting more than an hour had been prepared where we would see the first exclusive games capable of harnessing the potential of the new machine. For now, it’s time to wait to meet the new representative of the next generation of consoles.

The Reason Behind Cancellation

In recent days the situation in the US it gets complicated at times. To the crisis unleashed by COVID-19 are added the protests and riots that followed the death of George Lloyd.

Those problems seem to have been the triggers for Sony’s decision. From their point of view, this is not the time to talk about video games and technology. They probably consider that the impact will be much higher in a quieter setting.

The death of African-American citizen George Floyd done by a Minneapolis police officer a few days has sparked protests and rallies across the United States and around the world. They demand racial justice.

What Now?

From the PlayStation 5, we already know things piece by piece. Instead of revealing all the details in a great mega event. Perhaps, because of the health situation that has the world in check or only for marketing strategies.

The only thing we know to date is that Epic Games recently released a video taking a first look at its upcoming ‘Unreal Engine 5’, which runs on the PS5 preview hardware. The video game does not yet have an official release date (expected to be in 2021), but it has been confirmed that it will be on PS5.

Could Sony finally show the console hardware? It’s unclear, but it seems logical to think that Sony will have the new event date soon.

Keep in mind that the PlayStation 5 will go on sale in late 2020 worldwide. Among its innovations, the new DualSense control stands out, 8K resolution support (7,680 x 4,320 ), and necessary backward compatibility, etc.

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