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Google Loses Two Leaders of The Pixel Division




Google no longer has two of the most influential people in the development of the Pixel. Taking a look at LinkedIn, we note that both Marc Levoy (main responsible for the Pixels being so good at a photographic level) and Mario Queiroz (leader of the Pixel division) no longer work at Google. Thus, Google has lost the company to two critical pieces in the development of these products.

Mario Queiroz left Google earlier this year, thus ceasing to be the head behind the Google Pixel development team. The same is true of Marc Levoy, who has no longer worked at Google for two months.

According to The Information, the launch of the Google Pixel 4 was the straw that broke the glass. Of course, there are other reasons that the source does not detail. Previously, these two people have doubts about the Pixel about weak points in the device.

What Happen to the Pixel 4 Launch?

According to the source, in an internal meeting, Osterloh stated that he disagreed with several of the decisions made with the Pixel 4.

Rick Osterloh, head of hardware at Google and the visible face in the Pixel presentations, would have internally commented on his discontent before the launch of the Google Pixel 4. According to the source, in an internal team meeting, Osterloh said he disagreed with some of the decisions made on the phone, being particularly concerned about his battery.

This reasonably low capacity in both models, disappointed the head of hardware at almost the same level as Soli. Instead, Google chooses to prioritize a facial recognition system that allowed the mobile phone unlocked with eyes closed. As a result, they barely have a 3% market share in the United States which is the most important market for Google.

The situation and general discontent in the Pixel 4 project have led to both team leaders leaving the company. They are entirely separating themselves from the Pixel division and leaving unknowns about who will now take the reins in this product.

Who are These Two Leaders?

Mario Queiroz joined Google in August 2005 as a product manager, going on to head the Pixel division in 2016. Behind him fell the decisions at the engineering, design, product development, marketing and other levels. So far, his decisions that could have made a pixel phone be a unique mobile.

As of Marc Levoy, he is an expert in a computer photography. Thanks to him, the Pixels can take photographs at such a high level. He is one of the fathers of computational photography. He has a fervent advocate that DSLR philosophy must be applied to mobile cameras and rely mainly on software rather than introducing a series of sensors that can provide versatility, but not better results.

Thanks to Levoy, developments such as Google’s HDR + have arrived.  Years later, it has been seen in other manufacturers how HDR is essential to balance the final results. For example, you can see it in portrait mode with a single lens or automatic white balance correction towards the neutral, regardless of the scene lighting.

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