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EA Announces ‘The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle’ Expansion Pack



EA Announces ‘The Sims 4_ Eco Lifestyle’ Expansion Pack

Electronic Arts (EA) has announced a new expansion pack for The Sims 4 titled Eco Lifestyle.

The new pack, which expands on The Sims 4 gameplay, sees the franchise move in a more environmentally friendly direction as players are given the option to transform an abandoned wasteland of a new world into a gorgeous neighbourhood for your sims to live in.

A trailer for the pack was also released showing some of the expansion’s gameplay including dumpster diving, creating candles, collecting rubbish, allowing Sims to vote on campaigns to fix the neighbourhood, insect-keeping, and so much more.

Like all other The Sims 4 expansions, the pack includes new build and buy items such as crates, garden items, career and skill-related objects, as well as environmentally friendly objects such as solar panels and small wind turbines.

Eco Living will also include a brand new world for players to enjoy named Evergreen Harbor which players will be required to clean up. According to reports, players will have to make decisions which affect the world’s community and environment.

Some of the decisions include deciding how to power homes with alternative resources, recycling items for better use, and organising community activities. Another new feature in the game is the ability to grow your own food with the game’s new vertical garden!

Also introduced in the game are the Civil Designer career and the Freelance Crafter option which allows your sims to craft and sell goods.

Eco Living Gameplay

An official description of the new pack reads: “In Evergreen Harbor, every action you take and decision you make influences the state of the world around you. The cleaner Evergreen Harbor gets, the more you’ll see nature thriving.

You determine whether the skies are smoggy or clear enough to see the aurora borealis glimmering above. Let garbage pile up on the streets of your neighbourhood or clean it up to create lush green walking paths in town. It’s up to you!”

Previous game packs and expansions such as Island Living and Tiny Living Stuff explored similar environmentally-friendly themes, particularly the former which allowed Sims to clean up Sulani, a polluted world introduced in the pack.

George Pigula, the Producer for Eco Living, told Digital Spy: “We’re thrilled to give players the opportunity to explore an eco-friendly way of living in The Sims and play the change they want to see.

“By discovering and practising sustainable habits, like using solar panels or wind turbines to power their electricity or upcycling materials to create new furniture, players and their Sims can play with life in all-new ways.”

The Sims 4: Eco Living is available for pre-order now at $39.99 and is set to release on Mac, Xbox One, PS4, and PC on June 5th, 2020.

Image Credit: EA

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