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Google Meet Is Competing Zoom by Adding About 3 Million Users Per Day



Google Meet Is Competing Zoom by Adding About 3 Million Users Per Day

In quarantine time, video conferencing applications have become the most downloaded for use in teleworking or remote education. People had to change their style of work to adapt to the crisis. As for now, here are two that reign in the market: Zoom and Google Meet.

Since January, the daily use of Google Meet has grown 30 times. This month, Meet enabled over 3 billion video call minutes and brought in 3 million new users every day. Last week, Google Meet broke the mark of 100 million users participating in meetings every day. You can get it on Android or iOS.

We are going to explain what exactly is the Hangouts Meet application from Google. Especially as the solution designed for companies and different from conventional Hangouts. It is an alternative with which companies can organize meetings of up to 100 participants, although, in exchange, these have to be created by a worker with access to G Suite, Google’s paid business suite.

And to give you an idea of ​​what the practical differences are, we will also explain the differences with Classic Hangouts. There aren’t that many big differences, but you’ll see that there are little details that can make a difference.

What is Google Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet is a video call application created for companies by Google, a kind of premium Hangouts with advanced functions and more possibilities when making and managing calls.

This application is linked to G Suite, the payment solution that Google has for companies and educational centers, and whose prices range from 6 dollars per user and month of the basic plan to 23 dollars per user and month. It means that videoconferences have to be organized by a user with this paid account, although later, accessing them will not be necessary.

Because one of its features is that Hangouts Meet automatically creates a link for meetings, and if you share it with other users, they can join without needing to have a G Suite. It means that you can not only use it for meetings with colleagues in your company but also for outsiders regardless of their account type.

Also, if the “normal” Hangout has a limit of 10 participants for meetings in its version for conventional users, and 25 in the business version, Hangouts Meet has a limit of 100 participants with the basic rate, with the possibility that they will be more depending on the payment plan you have.

Besides, all video and audio transmissions are encrypted to protect the content of the meetings. You can participate both from the web version through and from the applications for Android and iOS. Hangouts Meet also allows you to schedule meetings by putting them on the Google calendar. In the Enterprise versions of G Suite, a phone number is also created to participate by voice without spending your internet data.

Differences between Hangouts Meet and conventional Hangouts

The first difference is in the number of participants. In classic Google Hangouts, the limit is 25 people in video conferences when linked to a professional account, and 10 for other users. In Hangouts Meet, parties of up to 100 participants when you have contracted G Suite Basic and G Suite for Educational Centers, up to 150 participants with G Suite Business, and up to 250 users in G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Educational Centers.

Obviously, the worst part is that Hangouts Meet is an exclusively paid application, while the regular Hangouts is completely free for basic functions. The Hangouts Meet price depends on your G Suite rate, which can be 6 dollars per person and month in the Basic plan, 12 dollars per person and month in the Business rate, and 25 dollars per user and month in the Enterprise plan.

Google Meet Premium Feature is Now FREE for Everyone

Starting May 4, all users will be able to access the Google Meet video calling solution for free. Anyone with a Google account will be able to start or join video meetings of up to 100 members, with no time limit. Although after September 30, the duration of the meeting will only be 60 minutes.

Until now, Meet has only been available as part of G Suite, a tool designed for companies, organizations, and schools. Fortunately, Since May 4, Google Meet will be available for free on the web at and through mobile applications for iOS or Android. The tool is also integrated with Google Calendar. As it is a global launch, the availability will be reaching all users from May 4 and gradually over the next few weeks.

To access Google Meet, you must have a Google account. Those who have Gmail already have this option, and those who do not have it can create it by clicking here. You do not need to install any extention. It works on Chrome and some popular browsers.

Google Meet allows for more screen sharing with more control, real-time captioning (available in English only for now). It integrates screen layout designs tailored to user preferences, including expanded tile view.

New Security Measures Added

From the company, they stressed that this application was developed attending certain predetermined security measures that are highlighted below:

1. Google Increased host control management options. It allows you to accept or reject anyone who wants to join the meeting.

2. It will deny someone to be anonymous (going inside without verified Google Accounts) to get into online meetings.

3. “Google Meet meeting codes are complex enough by definition. It means more security against attempts to guess this code,” is highlighted in the released statement, where it is also underlined that “Google Cloud regularly undergoes extensive security and privacy updates for all its services and does not process user data Meet for advertising or sell customer information to other third parties. “

4. Google Meet video meetings are safe and fully encrypted. All recordings stored on Google Drive are encrypted in transit (when traveling over the internet) and the rest (when stored on the device).

5. Another point to note is that Meet users can register their account in Google’s Advanced Protection Program, to access the strongest security measures available to fight against hacking and account phishing.

Image Credit; Mashable

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