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FIFA, PUBG And More Games Arrive At Google Stadia



FIFA, PUBG And More Games Arrive At Google Stadia

Last week, we had the first Stadia Connect of the year. It is the online event in which the Stadia team reveals the news that is coming to the platform, and this time they have a major announcement. Thanks to a collaboration with Electronic Arts, Google has managed to bring five titles to its video game streaming platform. Some of them are FIFA, Madden NFL, and Jedi Fallen Order.

Not only that, but the company has also managed to get hold of PUBG, which stands for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, one of the best-known battle royale on the market alongside Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends. PUBG, as the players of the title will know, is priced at 29.99 dollars, but due to its arrival, Google is giving it away to Stadia Pro users. It can be accessed from this link.

Stadia Expands Its Catalog.

Unlike the games that have been coming to the platform recently, these titles are much better known and mainstream. FIFA is one of the quintessential soccer video games, and Madden NFL is the American counterpart to American football.

In addition to these two, Jedi Fallen Order will also arrive, the latest series in the Star Wars saga. Google has not given a specific date. It has merely mentioned that they will come in the fall.

As for PUBG, the game is already available in a conventional edition at 29.99 dollars. However, those who are subscribers to Stadia Pro can get the free “Pioneer Edition,” which includes the base game, the “Survivor Pass: Cold Front,” and a “Stadia Premiere Set” with exclusive cosmetic elements. Keep in mind that PUBG has cross-play. So, Stadia users will be able to play with console and PC users.

On the other hand, Google has taken the opportunity to launch Get Packed at 19.99 dollars and to announce a new exclusive, Crayta. In this title, which will come exclusively in the summer, users will be able to create different games within it to share them with other users, as if it were a level editor.

Finally, Google has released the free games for May, which will be Zombie Army 4, Steam World Heist, and The Turing Test. Those who are users of Stadia Pro can claim them on May 1. Also, we have been able to know the first title that will leave the Google platform: it will be Thumper. It will do so at the end of April. Those who want to try Google Stadia can do it for free by registering at this link.

PUBG arrives first, and FIFA will come in the fall

Like the PUGB mentioned above, but there will be two more games from the developer available. FIFA will be one of them, although Google has not specified which version will be the one that we will have available on the Stadia platform at the time of its launch.

We assume, since they talk about autumn, it will be FIFA 21. Perhaps it is the game from previous seasons will also be available in Stadia. Another EA game that will join Stadia will be the Madden NFL, a true football classic that will indeed be enjoyed by many of its fans. But there is more, as Stadia has shown small trailers of upcoming additions, specifically for May 1.

Two Months Of Stadia Pro Free During The Coronavirus Crisis

Finally, we recall that Google is offering a total of 2 months of Stadia Pro free in 14 countries. Some European countries are included, as a measure to make confinement by coronavirus more bearable. Just by having the Stadia app on Android or a computer or television (with Chromecast), you can access titles like GRID, Destiny 2: The Collection and Thumper without paying a single euro; once the promotion ends we will have to pay 9.99 dollars if we want to continue subscribing.

“Right now, maintaining social distance by staying at home is essential. However, living isolated for a long time can be stressful for some people out there. We know that video games will be beneficial option to socialize with our families and friends from a distance. So starting today, Stadia will be accessible for free in 14 different countries.” They have not indicated when the promotion ends.

Google Stadia currently has a catalog of thirty titles. Although, this number will grow in 2020 with exclusive games and temporary firsts. The Stadia Pro pack currently costs 129 dollars. It includes three months of subscription (to be 9.99 dollars per month later) plus a Google controller compatible with Stadia. It is a Chromecast Ultra that we can connect on television to a Buddy Pass —A three-month gift to a friend—, and full versions of games like Destiny 2 and Samurai Showdown.

Google Stadia New Feature Advancing the New Games

So far, we know that Google works on new functions for this platform. One of the promises is to launch a native messaging function within it. It is currently under development. There are some clues in the developer’s code that the firm plans to integrate this feature.

Google Stadia would provide users with an in-app chat, in addition to voice chat within the games and in the app itself. As a result, users will be able to communicate with each other easily. It could help many users, so it is surely a function that will be viewed favorably by most.

Although so far, there are hardly any details about this new function within the application. Google has not said anything. It has only been possible to see in the code that is being worked on but without more data.

Google Stadia is advancing in the market, although not at the rate that Google itself wanted. Since we see how it costs to gain presence, something that makes many question the success of this bet by the American firm. We believe that people will know when this chat function arrives in the application soon.

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