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Samsung Galaxy Buds Latest Leaks and Updates




It is no secret that Samsung is working on a suitable successor to the Galaxy called Galaxy Buds +. Its new Galaxy Buds X will compete directly with Apple’s AirPods Pro. It would do so by offering the active noise cancellation feature without practically increasing the price.

Samsung Galaxy Buds X in the USA

Now, we have discovered a new record in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, where it has been confirmed that Samsung’s Galaxy Buds X is about to launch. It officially confirms that the Samsung Galaxy Buds X will offer active noise cancellation. Of course, it will undermine Apple’s AirPods Pro and Pixel Buds 2.

On the other hand, from South Korea, they also recently announced that the Galaxy Buds X would cost approximately $140. And this is a point to keep in mind.

You may know that the current Apple AirPods Pro offers this active noise cancellation feature but with a price of $249. In this way, the South Koreans would be offering wireless headphones very similar to Apple, but for $100 less.

The current Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus cost around $150. So, these hypothetical Galaxy Buds X could end up replacing them.

As we anticipated earlier, these new wireless headphones would fully conform to our ear without protruding. Also, it would not feature interchangeable silicone tips. The headphones would carry three microphones for calls and noise cancellation, in addition to two speakers.

Samsung Galaxy Buds X in Europe, UK, and India

According to a 91mobiles report, Samsung has registered a product called “Galaxy Buds X” as a trademark in the European Union as well as in the UK and India. Rumor has it that these are the bean-shaped successors of the Galaxy Buds + (approx. 127 euros on Amazon Europe ), which, thanks to a leak, we could already see its photo since early April.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Latest Leaks and Updates
Samsung Galaxy Buds Latest Leaks and Updates

The registration does not reveal any other information besides the name so that theoretically, it could also be other earphones. The release date is also not yet known. Rumors said it would be launched with the Galaxy Note 20 in August. However, you can already see its appearance. Thanks to a report from Korea, you already know a few details about the earphones. The design looks a little strange from the leaked renders from a month ago.

Given that the pair stopped at the US Patent Office with more details, Samsung may be preparing for a launch in the US, sooner we might think. You must stay vigilant.

The “Galaxy Buds Bean” should finally come with the feature that its predecessors lacked. Its Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) will make the outside noise be effectively hidden. Other rumors said that the battery life would be 11 hours on a single charge. It would be impressive and significantly better than that of most competing products. In Korea, the price is said to be 170,000 won (approx. 128 euros), so in Europe, the new Galaxy Buds X will probably be less than 150 euros.

Image credit; AndroidAuthority

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