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Apple Facial Recognition Adapts To The Use Of Masks



Apple Facial Recognition Adapts To The Use Of Masks

Apple included in the latest beta version of its mobile operating system modification to the Face ID of the iPhone. This change in the code was incorporated into iOS 13.5. It will facilitate the unlocking of the cell phone with the mask so that the user does not have to remove it to access their equipment.

As can be seen in videos shared by The Strait Times, Apple devices that integrate facial recognition will immediately jump to the screen that requires the entry of the numerical code if it is detected that the user is wearing a mask. This preventive measure is increasingly widespread as a result of the progression of the coronavirus.

The “Mask” Face ID and Anonymous Coronavirus Test

Until now, the Face ID system tries to recognize the user’s face a few times before moving on to offering the option to enter the code manually. With this change, which has not yet reached the final version but the beta version, users can immediately access the screen and enter the access code.

It will help prevent the person from having to remove the mask to unlock the equipment. It should be remembered that it is important not to touch the area of ​​the mask that covers the mouth and nasal area with your hand because you run the risk of contaminating it.

We do not yet know if this change in the Beta will reach end users, but what will come to the next version of iOS 13, according to TechCrunch, it is the new contact tracking API, developed by Apple and Google. It should be remembered that the companies launched the first development tools based on this platform two days ago.

The goal is for national health authorities in countries that decide to use this technology. This feature will create applications to help users discover, privately and anonymously, if they have been exposed to someone with coronavirus.

Other Relevant Changes

Another of the relevant changes in the Beta of iOS 13.5 has to do with the monitoring program of Google and Apple about the COVID-19. With this system based on Bluetooth LE, companies want the devices to serve as tracking of possible contagions so that, if we approach a person who has tested positive, they can notify us about it. Apple will allow us to control whether or not we want to receive “exposure” notifications from the settings.

The iOS 13.5 beta is available to developers, it will be public soon, and in a few weeks. Then, it will be stable for all users. It is a small sample of how the notch, that element that works so little for us aesthetically, hides a facial recognition system capable of reaching these levels of precision.

Finally, Apple also modified FaceTime video calls to eliminate the feature that the person’s speaking window is wider. It is a feature it could be very uncomfortable in group conversations if multiple users tried to intervene at the same time.

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