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Top games expected to launch on Microsoft Xbox Series X



Top games expected to launch on Microsoft Xbox Series X

Microsoft will launch its next-gen console, Xbox Series X in late 2020. It is one of the anticipated events for all video game fans. This console will arrive with unprecedented power in gaming hardware (the famous 12 TFLOPS) and the promise of new functions.

Here are the games, we can expect for Microsoft Xbox series X:

1. Forza Horizon Series X

The first installments of Forza Motorsport may have been the muscle of Xbox. However, with the passage of time and the progress of the saga, the Forza Horizon have managed to overcome them. It is not only about replicating the best cars in the world in great detail (in appearance and behavior), but they also provide us with an open, changing, and a reactive world to carry out the most extreme driving tests.

2. Forza Horizon 4

We will not know what is driving the next generation of consoles until I put my hands on Forza Horizon for Xbox X Series. Looking at how far the game has come in the current generation, we can not imagine how it will be in the next console.

3. A new Rare’s IP Games

At the time, the purchase of Rare by Microsoft shook the foundations of the industry. In fact, it had great results on the test done using Nintendo consoles. And to his credit, there are some of the essential exclusive games in the Xbox catalog, from Kameo, Conker, or Perfect Dark to Sea of ​​Thieves.

Seeing the breathtaking result of his pirate MMO, we hope there will be a sequel to Sea of ​​Thieves for Xbox Series X or at least another game that explores multiplayer in a persistent world.

4. Gears of War 6

Another Microsoft’s proprietary studios, The Coalition, has left us one of the best games of 2019: Gears 5. But the story is not over, and now that we know how well Kait Diaz performs in open environments, we expect a new quality leap and gameplay. To date, few Xbox One games can be measured with Gears 5. That’s why the arrival of the new console seems the right time to develop a sixth installment.

Also, we would love a cooperative campaign for 4 players and the possibility of controlling Marcus Fenix ​​again, who is, for some reason, he is the original hero of this series. We do not know the date nor the development study, but we assume that Gears of War 6 will be one of the great Xbox Series X games.

5. Fable

The restart of the RPG saga that Peter Molyneux gave us at the time is one of those projects that comes back to the surface from time to time. At the time, Fable was characterized by the reactivity of his world.

With a proper adaptation to a new console, it will expect more computing power, more realistic and varied reactions, organic environments, and evolution with more nuances for our character. It would undoubtedly be one of his most interesting exclusive games.

6. Project Mara

Ninja Theory is one of the latest acquisitions from Microsoft. They are the studio that DMC, Enslaved, and the brilliant Hellblade gave us. We already know that they are in the full development of Senua’s Saga Hellblade II for Xbox Series X. So, it may be one of the first games to take advantage of the 12 TFLOPS of the machine, the graphics in 8K or the 120 FPS.

It takes the name of  Project: Mara, and as they describe themselves, “we will be a representation of psychological terror based on the real world. Based on stories of real experiences and in-depth investigations.” The team itself also says that  “our goal is to recreate the horrors of the mind as accurately and realistically as possible. Project Mara will be a tentative title and a taste of what could become a new medium for storytelling.”

7. Alan Wake 2

Remedy Studios, creators of Control (one of the most amazing games of 2019), has a great history of exclusive games for Microsoft. They were responsible for Quantum Break, which experimented with a crossover between video game and TV series, and also had impressive graphics. But if there is one work from the studio that we want to see again, it is Alan Wake, a “survival horror” that is indebted to the works of Lovecraft and Stephen King.

The Xbox Series X launch is perfect for launching a sequel to Alan Wake. It also benefits from the Ray Tracing (hardware accelerated) lighting that the console offers. Remedy is also one of the development studios that can make the most of the console’s power when it comes to graphics and environment building. Without a doubt, Alan Wake 2 would be one of the games that will present in the Xbox Series X.

8. Titanfall 3

Now that the franchise has become fashionable, with the launch of the free Apex Legends FPS, it’s time to launch a new installment of Titanfall. Respawn Entertainment (the studio founded by West and Zampella) is working with Electronic Arts on a new installment of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, but what if they continue their incredible saga of “shooter” in the first person? What’s more, what if, like the first game, Titanfall 3 were a Microsoft console exclusive?

9. And of course, Halo

The Xbox Series X will launch a game called Halo Infinite. The FPS developed by 343 Industries (and which continues after what happened in Guardians). It is one of the essential reasons to get a console from day one. However, it is a game that has also been developed with Xbox One in mind. Therefore, it will not finish taking advantage of the machine.

However, we assume that Microsoft will take another step further. Who knows, it will return the Master Chief, Spartan Locke, and Cortana in a new installment, which has been designed with Series X in mind. This condition will make the exclusive Halo bigger, deeper, and more exciting than any other.

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