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What You Need To Know About Apple Arcade In 2020



What You Need To Know About Apple Arcade In 2020

Apple is not only about the iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad, etc. It is also a company that offers services such as Apple Music or iCloud. Last year, the company run by Tim Cook unveiled its new portfolio of services, including Apple Arcade, Apple News +, Apple Card and Apple TV +.

The first to arrive in Europe and the USA is Apple Arcade. In short, it is a video game platform.

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a video game platform that allows access to more than 100 game titles. You can do it through the payment of a subscription that is renewed monthly.

What do I need to play Apple Arcade?

To enjoy this platform, it is necessary to have an Apple device, be it an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac, an Apple Tv or even an iPod Touch that has the iOS 13 operating system.

How many video games does Apple Arcade have?

Apple Arcade starts with 100 video games. They are original and exclusive to this platform. It means that they are not found in another console or application store. Apple assures that it will be adding games month by month.

When will Apple Arcade be available?

Those who will be able to enjoy Apple Arcade first will be those users who can install iOS 13 on their devices (from September 19th last year). It also had come to iPadOS and TvOS (September 30th.

How much does Apple Arcade cost?

The first month is free. Then it costs only 4.99 dollars per month.

How to subscribe to Apple Arcade?

With iOS 13, an Apple Arcade tab will appear in the App Store from which you can subscribe to this service. The same will happen on iPad OS and TvOS.

vOne of the dirtiest tactics in video games today is micropayments. However, they are not present in Apple Arcade titles. In other words, users will pay 4.99 dollars a month and will have access to all the video games on the platform, without the need to spend another euro on any of them. Apple is committed to the fact that there will be no room-pulling games in its catalog. As a result, the little ones can enjoy them without fear of making their parents lose money.

Can controllers be connected to iPhones or iPads?

Yes, even on Apple TV, MacBook, or iMac. With the latest updates to its different operating systems, Apple allows console controls to be connected as long as they are Bluetooth. For example, that of the PlayStation 4 or that of the Xbox One. And yes, with them, you can control Apple Arcade game titles.

What games are available right now in Apple Arcade?

Apple has hundreds of game inside, but Apple has highlighted the following titles, with its corresponding description:

What the Golf?

When I first saw it, I thought “I don’t understand what can be interesting about this game”. After installing it and playing for a while, everything changed. It is one of those games with which you have a great time. You get to laugh and sometimes, it is so crazy that when you thought it was no longer going to surprise you, it goes and does it.

Assemble with Care

This game has something special if you are a certain age and some of the objects that appear remind you of when you were younger. The mechanics or the end is none other than repairing objects as if you were doing a puzzle. It is relaxing, and that point of nostalgia feels very good. It is perfect for enjoying it on Sunday afternoon.

Agent Intercept

It is a car game where you do not have to compete to get the first place. However, you stop those who are stealing confidential information. In this way, through scenarios with a beautiful aesthetic, you will have to accelerate, drift and take out your most skillful side to finish off each enemy that comes before you.

Of course, the game has a particularity, to play another race you have to wait a certain number of hours. It collides, because it seems something typical of a free to play, although it is also the way to tell you to enjoy that race and the next one the next day. If the developer responds to the email, you will find out why this is so.


If you like puzzle games, or if you something that challenge your reflexes and ability to find solutions, then you will like Spek. This game makes you have to play with the perspectives to make point travel along objects to advance. It is difficult to explain one hundred percent. So, we recommend that you try it better.


It is another one of those games that are perfect for a weekend desktop. It is a puzzle game that you must solve by painting. Depending on the strokes you make, the color mixes, etc., you may or may not solve the puzzles that it poses. Relaxing, with very suitable music and an aesthetic according to what the game transmits.

Mini Motorways

I wish all the jams could be solved the same way it is done in Mini Motorways. Unfortunately, this is not the case. But for this reason, you can enjoy this game that requires you to be skilled in solving every situation. Basically, the players are none other than designing the roads so that the traffic is always smooth. In the beginning, it is easy, but then you will understand that decent work requires to manage them.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe

For one or up to four players, with this striking title, the game falls into the category of puzzles. You have to get out of the different poses helped by arrows with which you will indicate the movements to escape. Don’t be fooled by its colorful aesthetics because it’s not easy when the number of arrows and obstacles on each planet starts to decrease.

The Latest Games Inside

The new games are ‘Beyond Blue’ and ‘A Fold Apart’, two titles that can be enjoyed from any Mac and Apple TV compatible with Arcade, with the iPad or from the iPhone. Both games are completely free for subscribers of the service and are now available to start playing.

In the case of ‘Beyond Blue,’  the experience is more sensory, and we will get into the skin of a marine biologist or instead of an explorer whose name is Mirai. In this case, the ocean and its habitat become protagonists. The sound together with the images is relaxing in this new game.

And the other novelty in Apple Arcade is ‘A Fold Apart.’ It is a more casual puzzle game that can offer us several hours of entertainment. In this case, we will experience the separation of a couple of people who decide that their relationship does not end even though their paths have to be separated.

Remember that we have a free 7-day trial of Apple Arcade available so you can try every one of the games they have in their catalog. As you already know, this list of games is not the best in the world in terms of known titles, etc., but it can make us spend fun time playing several of them.

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