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Whatsapp Beta Has Allowed Group Video Calls Of Up To Eight People



Whatsapp Beta Has Allowed Group Video Calls Of Up To Eight People

This week, WhatsApp is going to increase the limit of participants in calls and video calls, which is currently four people. There were hints in the beta that the feature was close to being deployed and indeed it has been. As reported by the specialized WhatsApp blog, in the beta versions of WhatsApp for iOS (accessible from TestFlight) and 2.20.133 of WhatsApp for Android this function is already available.

The new limit is eight people. It is twice the current limit. For those of you who are beta users, saying that testing this new feature will be slightly tricky, as all video call participants need to use the latest beta version. Those who use Android can try to install the APK of the latest beta.

More people on calls

According to WaBetaInfo, few WhatsApp beta users have been testing a new interface for the new limit. In the beta version changelog for iOS, it states that one of the functions to test is “making calls”, probably to test the app when up to eight people join the same call or video call.

In the hypothetical case, users that have up to seven contacts can use the latest WhatsApp beta for Android or iOS for group video calls in two ways:

  • Within group chats, pressing the call icon and selecting these beta users.
  • Or, from the calls tab, clicking on “New group call” and selecting beta users.

On the other hand, WaBetaInfo states that, despite having the latest beta, the function may not be available. Therefore, they recommend making a backup of the chats and reinstalling the beta since in this way WhatsApp downloads the newest configurations from the server, “thus activating the function,” explains WaBetaInfo. If this does not work, we will have to wait for WhatsApp to deploy the function to all users. Finally, it should be noted that WhatsApp video calls are encrypted from end to end, so that no one, not even WhatsApp, can “see” our conversations. As we said, the new limit is eight people, two more people than on Instagram and the same as HouseParty. Although, It is a significantly lower figure than other alternatives such as Facebook Messenger (50 people), Zoom (up to 100 people), Skype (50 people) ) or Hangouts (10 people).

How to Test This WhatsApp Beta

To use the service, which has not yet been officially launched, you only need to have the latest WhatsApp beta update for iOS and Android installed. This is TestFlight iOS beta update and Google Play beta 2.20.133.

Of course, the participants that you want to add to the group video call of up to eight people must be in the same versions. Otherwise, they cannot be added to the group call.

If you are not allowed to install the beta, take it easy, chances are the new functionality will take little time to be officially open to everyone. So, do you think eight people is enough? Let us know in the comment below!

Photo Credit: TheSun

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