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Nvidia Releases First Drivers with DirectX 12 Ultimate Support



Nvidia Releases First Drivers with DirectX 12 Ultimate Support Small

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced DirectX 12 Ultimate. It is the version of its graphical API that promised to offer the latest technologies in the best possible way. It would come with Windows 10 May 2020 Update, which can currently be tested in the Slow Ring and Release Preview of the PC operating system.

Among the improvements, we can find the new version of Ray Tracing, ray tracing that offers much more realistic lights, reflections, and visual elements. Besides, we will have Mesh Shaders and much more within Windows and Xbox Series X, which will allow the creation of much more realistic scenes and with the calculations made at the moment.

DirectX 12 Ultimate on Nvidia RTX and Quadro

Of course, beyond the announcement made by Microsoft, we did not know how or when it would reach the current graphics. After all, not only Microsoft must add it to the operating system, but AMD, Nvidia and Intel must release an update for their graphics. Also, due to the type of features, not all will be able to receive these improvements, keeping the existing functions.

DirectX 12 Ultimate has been Microsoft’s newest graphics API. It encodes Nvidia’s RTX launched in 2018 with real-time graphics. This graphics API supports Ray Tracing, Mesh Shading, Variable Rate, Sampler Feedback, Shading, etc. As a result, it makes developers able to produce realistic and cinematic reflections, lights, and shadows in games and applications.

These have been the words of Nvidia in the face of the new version of DirectX. Then, it will get better with the arrival of Xbox Series X and more Hardware. Today and for the first time, Nvidia wanted to allow developers to take advantage of the full potential of the new version.

How to download the latest Nvidia driver

According to Nvidia itself, this is the first version of DirectX 12 Ultimate for Nvidia GeForce and Nvidia Quadro. With this, players can see some improvement from the first day when it arrives in May 2020. Besides, we will have the latest developments in the official driver, only that it is intended for developers.

Currently, the latest technologies are only available in those with Turing architecture introduced in 2018, and which is expected to evolve to Ampere this year. Among them, we can find from 2060 to Quadro RTX, covering the entire spectrum of GeForce and Quadro RTX.

Both gamers, art editors, and video professionals could take advantage of these features. Although, where we’ve seen it most is with Ray Tracxing in games. If we want to see the improvements that Mesh Shaders can bring, a developer has published a video about it.

To download it, besides having this Hardware, you must download the first version, under version 450.82. We can download it for Windows 10 under the old model and the UWP model adopted by Nvidia with DCH drivers. Here are the links:

In all of them, it will ask us to log in or register as users of Gameworks. It is the Nvidia developers’ area where you can find all kinds of dedicated Software to facilitate the creation of games or applications that take advantage of everything Nvidia has to offer.

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