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‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Special Visitors Guide



‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Label

Since Animal Crossing follows in real-time, every day is a surprise with new fossils, insects, fish, and even visitors. As you play Animal Crossing and the latest instalment New Horizons, a slew of special characters will visit your island sporadically, each offering you challenges or exclusive items. If you’d like to know more about the special visitors that can appear on your island, and what they offer you, continue reading.


C.J. is a beaver that will visit your island and run a special fish challenge which will give you a chance to earn extra bells for selling fish to him. When you talk to C.J. the first time he’s on your island, he’ll start the Seasports Challenge where you’ll need to catch a certain type of fish by shadow. To complete the challenge, you’ll need to catch three fish of the same shadow in a row without catching any other fish in the meantime.

‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Special Visitors Guide C.J.
‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Special Visitors Guide C.J.

Once you’ve completed the Seasports Challenge, C.J. will pay 50% more than Nook’s Cranny when you sell fish to him. What’s more, if you give C.J. three identical fish he will send them to Flick, another special visitor, who will mail you a figurine of the fish as a furniture item. C.J. will remain on your island until 5 AM the next day. He also hosts the Fish Tourney, taking over from his father Chip.


Flick is a red chameleon that collects bugs. Like C.J., Flick will pay 50% more whenever you sell bugs to him. If you give him three identical insects, Flick will create a custom figurine of the insect as a furniture item and mail it to you the next day. Flick will remain on your island until 5 AM the next day. He also hosts the Bug Off as a replacement to Nat from past games.


Gulliver is a seagull that can be found lying on the beach on your island. When you find him, you’ll need to speak to him several times to wake him up. When he does, he’ll try to call his crew but finds that his communicator is broken. Gulliver will then ask you to help him find the five missing communicator parts buried on the beaches of your island.

The parts can be found in the sand in holes that squirt water, similar to the Manilla Clams you can dig up. After finding all five parts, you can return them to Gulliver who will call his crew to help him. The next day, you’ll receive a letter from Gulliver along with a special reward based on various countries including furniture, accessories, and clothing.


Celeste is an owl and the sister of Blathers, the museum curator. This special visitor can be found wandering around your island at night and will give you recipes that use star fragments. On her first visit, Celesta will encourage you to wish on shooting stars and provide you with a DIY recipe for a wand.

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Special Visitors Guide Celeste
‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Special Visitors Guide Celeste

If you wish on shooting stars, star fragments will appear on your island’s beaches the next day. Collecting fragments based on constellations and giving them to Celeste whenever she next visits your island will reward you with DIY recipes for Zodiac furniture.


Wisp is a little ghost you can encounter floating around your island at night. When you first speak to Wisp, you’ll scare him and split into six pieces. Wisp will then ask you to catch the five pieces of his spirit. You can do this by running around your island and using your bug net. When you return all five spirit pieces to Wisp, he will reward you with a free item and you will be free to choose from a new item (Something you don’t have) or an expensive item (Which can be something you already have).


Label is a hedgehog and one of the three Able sisters. Label is the older sister of Mabel and left her family to work as a fashion designer with Gracie, a special visitor in previous Animal Crossing games. In New Horizons, Label can be found at the town plaza and will give you a fashion challenge.

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Label
‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Label

As part of the challenge, Label will give you a free item of clothing along with a theme and you must wear an outfit using the free clothing item to match the theme. When you’ve sorted out your outfit and are wearing it, you can talk to Label who will analyse it and reward you with a tailors ticket as well as an item from her Labelle designer line. The tailors ticket can be used to redeem one item worth 3,000 bells or less at the Able Sister clothing shop.


Saharah is a camel that can be found wandering around your island on any day. She sells rugs, and mysterious wallpaper and carpets. You can purchase a small rug for 1,000 bells, a medium rug for 1,500 bells, and a large rug for 2,000 bells. Whenever you purchase a rug, Saharah will also give you Saharah tickets. Small rugs reward you with one ticket, medium rugs two tickets, and large rugs three tickets.

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Saharah
‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Saharah

You can exchange five of these Saharah tickets for a Mysterious Wallpaper or Mysterious Flooring. These items cannot be found anywhere else but you can only claim a maximum of two Mysterious Wallpaper and Flooring per visit. You can also purchase Mysterious Wallpaper and Flooring for 3,000 bells.


Kicks is a skunk that can appear on any day of the week on your island at the town plaza. Kicks sells shoes, socks, and bags. Unfortunately, Kicks cannot be invited to your island permanently. He can be found on your island between 5 AM and 10 PM.

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Kicks
‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Kicks

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae is boar who appears on your island every Sunday between 5 AM and 12 PM. Mae takes over her grandmother Joan’s turnip-selling business from previous games, and allows players to purchase turnips from her at a specific price each week. The turnips can be sold to Nook’s Cranny for varying prices between Monday and Saturday and players can sell turnips for a higher price than they bought to make a huge profit. However, the stalk market can be a risky business!

‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Special Visitors Guide DaisyMae
‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Special Visitors Guide DaisyMae


Story spoilers below – beware –

K.K. Slider is a dog and musician that appears at your town plaza once you’ve completed the story in New Horizons and have successfully acquired a three-star town rating. K.K. appears every Saturday to play a concert in the evening. You can request songs from K.K. and will receive a copy of the song he plays each time.

Future Visitors

It’s common knowledge that New Horizons is missing a lot of content from previous games, including a slew of special NPCs that have yet to appear or be mentioned. Some of the content is rumoured to return in future updates, such as Brewster, museum art, gyroids, and even Redd. It’s thought that future updates will add more buildings and special characters, starting with Leif,  slot from New Leaf who owned a gardening shop, who will be introduced in an update around Earth Day in late April. So check back to discover future special visitors!

[For all images here] Image credit: Screenshots from Nintendo YouTube

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