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Sales Surge for ‘Cheats’ Developer for PC Single Player Games during Global Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place



Sales Surge for ‘Cheats’ Developer for PC Single Player Games during Global Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place small

While people are ordered to quarantine, PC gaming gets more popular, and so does MegaDev, a company dedicated to eliminating the frustration in games.

Sunnyvale, CA – April 17, 2020 –During the coronavirus pandemic, people are being ordered to stay indoors and while jobs are being lost and businesses are having trouble, one company is seeing a major surge in sales: MegaDev, a software company creating tools to help PC gamers customize their game experiences to make it more satisfying — both easier and more difficult, depending on your preference. Every week since the European and U.S. shelter-at-home orders, MegaDev has experienced record-breaking sales. The most popular games on the MegaDev platform, ‘MegaTrainer,’ during this period are strategy games like Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and the first-person action games World War Z and Doom Eternal. 

Hanging out at home without a lot of other diversions, people are turning to PC games. However, while playing single player games, players find they don’t have much patience when it comes to repetitive tasks such as mining or looking for certain items before they can move on. These players are thankful for assistance to reach the next level or they may wish to practice certain skills to make things more challenging.

As people turn to gaming assistance, over the last few weeks MegaDev has experienced a big surge in demand for the exclusively produced cheats for PC single player games. To show its appreciation, the company has decided to give back to the community by making more than 10 percent of its content available for free. MegaDev is the creator of MegaTrainer, a software assistant for more than 2200 single player PC games. With the new offering, players can now access single player cheats in more than 250 games for free. Some of the most popular PC game titles and series are included in this special tier.

“It is not too surprising that during a unique time like this, when there are no sports to watch or play, people are spending more time streaming movies and shows, experimenting with recipes in the kitchen and playing all sorts of PC games from the couch,” said Robert Maroschik, CEO and co-founder, MegaDev. “I’m glad our software can make the games more fun for players.”

After parents spend all day juggling work and managing at-home online classes for their kids, the favorite PC games look like fun except that players have shown they have less tolerance for frustration. “Our team of developers really understands this and are working hard right now to support all PC single-player gamers with increased community support and even faster coverage of new and popular games in the MegaTrainer.”

During the pandemic, the top 10 single-player games for which are players are using cheats from MegaDev are:

  1. Mount & Blade II – Bannerlord
  2. World War Z
  3. Doom Eternal
  4. Satisfactory
  5. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  6. Borderlands 3
  7. Resident Evil 3
  8. Red Dead Redemption 2
  9. Stellaris
  10. Grand Theft Auto 5

About MegaDev

MegaDev makes PC-gaming easy, providing Singleplayer-Cheats for almost any PC-game, all packed in just one simple software – the “MegaTrainer” (“MT-U”). MegaDev is a subscription-based service which works with more than 2200 games, adding up to 14 new games with an average of 12 cheats per week. The company is based in Munich, Germany. It has participated in GERMAN ACCELERATOR TECH in Silicon Valley and was founded in 2015. For more information, visit Megadev.

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