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Pokémon GO Announces Remote Raids To Participate In Battles At Home



Pokémon GO Announces Remote Raids To Participate In Battles At Home

The coronavirus quarantine is extended, and Niantic is doing its best to keep Pokémon GO relevant during these times.

There is no doubt that the game that has most transformed itself during this pandemic caused by COVID-19 has been Pokémon GO. Therefore, Niantic does not stop in its attempt to keep Trainers in the game. They are doing everything possible so that they can play and catch Pokémon without leaving their homes until this moment passes.

Moments ago, they made a publication on the official Pokémon GO blog, where new features are revealed with which they will seek to  “We want to prioritize experiences so that they can be enjoyed in individual options from homes.” This feature will arrive very soon at Pokémon GO and are the following:

  • Remote Raid Pass:  You can play Raids that are located nearby your live location.
  • Daily Research Task: You will receive one each day, without the need to rotate a photo disc in a PokéStop.
  • Pokemon Companion Will Bring You Gifts:  When you’re running low on gifts, your Companion Pokemon will approach the nearby Poké Stalls and bring you some presents so you can send them to your friends.
  • Empower your Pokémon:  You will be able to raise the CP of your Pokémon to the desired one, using all the Candies and Star Powders at once.
  • Continued Effects:  After using a Lucky Egg, Star Piece, or Incense, you will be able to work on the same item and extend the effect for 30 minutes long. You no longer need to wait for the effect you are using to finish before you can work with another.

The Pokémon GO team also detailed each of these new features that the game will have. Here are some of them:

Remote Raid Pass

You can join any Raid Battle you can see on the “Nearby” screen, or you can click on the map. Each Pass is for a Raid, and you can only have a limited amount in your backpack at a time. Up to 20 Trainers will be able to join the same battle, and only some of them will be able to do it with Remote Raid Passes.

At launch, all Trainers on a Raid will have the same attack power. However, in the future, those who use a Remote Raid Pass will see its power reduced, compared to those who physically arrived at the Raid site.

You will be able to try it in the next exchange bundle for 1 Pokécurrency in the Pokémon GO Store.

Extra Raid Task

Every midnight, you will be given a Raid Task without having to turn a photo disc of a PokéStop. They will be activities that you can complete from home, and if you already have 3 Tasks in your inventory, a fourth box will open to add the new one. However, once you have three research tasks and the bonus task, no more can be added until you complete or discard the ones you have.

On the other hand, in the next Pokémon GO update, Trainers will encounter much more polished battle screens. The way the life bar appears will change to be more consistent during the battle.

Pokémon types are now going to show on the battle screen. The images present with information about the attack effectiveness of the monster. Also, the Store icon in the Poké Ball menu is going to show a notification every time the box is updated, or every time new item releases.

We will see if these changes are enough for video game Pokémon GO to remain in force in times where it is challenging for people to leave homes.

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