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Is The New iPhone SE Worth it?



Is The New iPhone SE Worth it

The presentation yesterday of the new iPhone SE (2020) has raised the usual wave of comments and opinions among fans of technology. A part of them revolves around a fundamental question: who is this iPhone for? Throughout the article, we will go through all this.

We can advance that the iPhone SE is a “broom” smartphone for Apple. It is a device that picks up stragglers and places them at the same height as the rest of the latest generation iPhone. Let’s see why.

A Rehash With 2014 Design

It is undoubtedly the most repeated criticism against the 2020 iPhone SE. Apple has put the chassis of the 2014 iPhone 6 together with a processor and a couple of other things. They mixed and stirred it at the same time and voilà! We have iPhone SE for 449 US Dollars. It is a smartphone with an IPS screen, fingerprint sensor, and frames from the last century.

Obviously, this criticism is an exaggeration. However, it is in line with what is attributed to this smartphone. However, while writing the article yesterday with all the news of the new iPhone SE, at first, we thought it would be few. As I read the details, we realized that little by little. They were adding up a lot.

The A13 Bionic processor is the big star of the smartphone. It is not for the processing and graphics power itself, but for everything it allows you to do. We are talking about photos with Smart HDR, front, and rear portrait mode. This one with the support for the different studio modes. And 4K video at up to 60fps.

Thanks to this processor, we can also run the most demanding graphics apps and games. Without forgetting all the augmented reality functions. They include people’s occlusion, motion capture, and face tracking. Compared to the other iPhone 11s, it lacks night mode, probably due to the lack of a second lens that provides more excellent stability when taking the photo.

The fast charging support completes the improvements (charger not included), resistance to dust and water IP67, and Wi-Fi 6. Other features such as wireless charging, display with HDR10, and Dolby Vision and Touch ID remain from the iPhone 8, improving from the original iPhone SE.

Indeed, it is not a 100% new smartphone. But thanks to the combination of leading specifications, with other reused Apple features, it can reach a very attractive price point.

iPhone User Base Is More Diverse Than Ever

When the original iPhone debuted in 2007, it could only target a specific group of users. Perhaps the most techies or technologically advanced, who made up a more or less homogeneous group in terms of needs. This situation remained more or less like that during the first years.

The company began to recognize a particular type of user by maintaining the previous generation when launching a new one. At a glance, it is the same smartphone, but with a lower price to attack more budget-conscious user segments. As the years progressed and the user base expanded, it also became more heterogeneous.

Photo credits; GSMArena.

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