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Huawei Launches Honor 30, Honor 30 Pro, and Honor 30 Pro Plus



Huawei Launches Honor 30, Honor 30 Pro, and Honor 30 Pro Plus

After meeting the Honor 30s a few weeks ago, it was a matter of time before the 30 series received the rest of the members. It’s finally here, and it comes with three new versions: the Honor 30, the Honor 30 Pro, and the Honor 30 Pro Plus.

Honor repeats the move of Huawei with its P40 and duplicates its more pro version with a more premium version that gives an additional twist to its specifications. The premium one receives a 90 Hz screen and wireless charging, among other improvements. Although, the three models share much of its features.

90 Hz, Only For The Most Premium Model

The three models share design lines and a good part of the characteristics. Let’s look at the screen first. In all three phones, there are OLED Full HD + panels, although with a slight difference in the diagonals: 6.53 inches on the Honor 30 and 6.57 “on the Honor 30 Pro and Pro Plus.

However, the most significant difference is in the screen refresh, which goes up to 90 Hz only in the most premium model, the Honor 30 Pro Plus. The rest must conform to the usual 60 Hz. Fortunately,  in all series, the fingerprint reader is integrated under the screen.

Optical Zoom For Everyone

In the photographic field, the three smartphones share a similar configuration. Although, they have small nuances that make the Honor 30 Pro Plus has the most premium combination. In this case, it has the main sensor of 50 MP f / 1.9, a wide-angle camera of 16 MP that doubles functions as a macro to 2.5 cm, and an 8 MP telephoto capable of achieving 5x optical zoom.

You will find that same 5X zoom on the Honor 30 Pro “just enough,” although here the primary sensor is 40 MP, and the wide-angle camera is also 16 megapixels. However, it has no macro functions. Luckily, there is a 2 MP macro lens in the Honor 30. Here, we have a combination of 40 MP + 8 MP wide-angle + 8 MP telephoto + 2 MP macro, also with 5x zoom.

For selfies, we have a different configuration for the Honor 30 and another one for the Pro versions. The Honor 30 includes a single 32-megapixel selfie lens, while the Honor 30 Pro and Pro Plus mount a double perforated lens on the screen, with 32 + 8 megapixels.

5G For Everyone And Wireless Charging For the Premium One

All Honor 30 series are 5G, although they do it with two different processors. Honor 30 Pro and Pro Plus mount Kirin 990, while Honor 30 debuts the new Kirin 985, also 5G.

In the memory part, we have the expected cast. The Honor 30 starts from 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, while the Honor 30 Pro does not drop below 8 GB of RAM. The Honor 30 Pro Plus, meanwhile, has versions with 8 and 12 GB of RAM, in both cases with 256 GB of storage.

The battery for all series is the same, with a capacity of 4,000 mAh and fast charging of 40W in all cases. Now, wireless charging is the exclusive domain of the Honor 30 Pro Plus. It includes 27W wireless charging and reverses charging to charge other devices. Another aspect to highlight in connectivity is that the Pro models have Wi-Fi 6+.

Versions and prices of the Honor 30 and Honor 30 Pro

The Honor 30, Honor 30 Pro, and Honor 30 Pro Plus have been officially presented in China, where they can be pre-ordered today. They will be available in a good variety of colors: silver, purple, black, green, and blue. These are the prices in China, of all available versions:

  • Honor 30 6 + 128 GB: 2,999 yuan, about 424 Dollars in exchange
  • Honor 30 8 + 128 GB: 3,199 yuan, about 452 Dollars in exchange
  • Honor 30 8 + 256 GB: 3,499 yuan, about 495 Dollars in exchange
  • Honor 30 Pro 8 + 128 GB: 3,999 yuan, about 565 Dollars in exchange
  • Honor 30 Pro 8 + 256 GB: 4,399 yuan, about 621 Dollars in exchange
  • Honor 30 Pro Plus 8 + 256 GB: 4,999 yuan, about 706 Dollars in exchange
  • Honor 30 Pro Plus 12 + 256 GB: 5,499 yuan, about 777 Dollars in exchange

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