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LG Electronics Releases 4G Folder Phone ‘LG Folder 2’



LG Electronics Releases 4G Folder Phone 'LG Folder 2'

With few exceptions, it is quite accurate to say that all mobiles are practically the same. However, there are still those who bet on offering something different. This is the case of the new LG shell mobile, limited in power but with the odd ace up its sleeve to stand out.

This is the LG Folder 2, the second version of its 2018 basic shell mobile. Currently, it has a somewhat more modern design. It has an additional screen to check when folded and an emergency button, very accessible on the back.

One-Click Emergencies

The LG Folder 2 is a compact, modest, and simple shell-shaped mobile phone. It has overall dimensions of 107.9 x 55 x 18 mm and a 2.8-inch main screen with a 320 x 240 resolution. Its shell has a predictive numeric keypad on the back.

It has multiple screens because when folding the phone, you can access a small 0.9-inch monochrome screen, useful for displaying the time and possible notifications without the need to unfold the phone.

Emergency modes are not new, and most mobiles include it one way or another. This mode is sometimes accessible from the phone or by long-pressing on a physical button. However, LG Folder 2 adds a dedicated emergency button on the back. Pressing it will call a prerecorded number and shares the current location via text message.

LG describes the LG Folder 2 as ideal for the elderly, young people, or people who want a simple mobile. The power is pretty limited, with Snapdragon 210, 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of expandable storage via microSD. The battery is, for its part, is 1,470 mAh. The phone probably includes some heavily modified version of Android, although LG does not specify exactly which one.

Another physical button is the voice control button. Press the hotkey button on the top of the call button to record AI voice service or record, depending on the carrier. The AI ​​voice service recognizes the voice and answers it when the user presses the hotkey button and asks questions in words such as weather, date, time, simple arithmetic. If the phone operation is poor, it can be solved by voice, which is convenient. Unfortunately, LG does not specify whether it is the Google Assistant or its own technology that is in charge of voice recognition.

‘Data security lock function’ is also available to prevent unintended data charge bombs caused by the operator. LG Folder 2 weighs 127g, which is lighter than the previous LG folder (130g).Jae-Hyeok Shin, director of mobile marketing at LG Electronics, said, “Old-age, youth, and certain customers who prefer simple functions need more easy-to-operate folder phones than complex expensive smartphones.”

LG Folder 2 versions and prices

The LG Folder 2 is official in South Korea, where it goes on sale as soon as April 17 for a recommended price of 198,000 won. It is about 168 US Dollars in exchange. It is available in two colors: New Platinum Gray and White.

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