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New Details Of ‘Resident Evil 8’ Leak



New Details Of 'Resident Evil 8' Leak

Capcom released its Resident Evil 3 remake this week, but new rumours suggest that the publisher is close to finishing a brand new title in the franchise; Resident Evil 8.

New leaks have suggested that the new game will release next year for the PlayStation 4 and 5, the Xbox One and Series X, and for PC. The game will use a first-person perspective like Resident Evil 7 and has reportedly been in the works for several years.

Reputable leaker Dusk Golem shared the details, revealing that the game began development as Resident Evil Revelations 3. The Revelations title is used for side games in the franchise. When Capcom realised that the game was testing well, however, they allegedly decided to expand the game into its own main entry in the franchise.

Golem shared the details in a series of tweets and explained why the game changed direction from Revelations 3 to a mainline entry. He said: “‘Resident Evil 2021’ is Resident Evil 8, but it wasn’t always RE8. During most of its development it existed as Revelations 3.

“The reason I said RE8 was ‘years away’ earlier this year is last year a RE8 [game] was in development, and that one is years away. But Capcom didn’t want a huge gap between RE7 and RE8, so that title got pushed to the side for now, and internal testing and such was super positive on Rev 3.”

He continued: “Revelations 3 was received a lot better by testers, internally, etc, than they expected. So the game’s been given an additional year in the oven to convert itself to RE8. The Ambassador leaks about Werewolves and Ethan in a Snowy Village are 100% true, but they’re dated info.”

RE8’s Story And Other Details

Golem continued with the tweets, explaining that the Revelations 3 video game underwent dozens of big changes to make it more suited as a mainline title before reiterating that the game will be cross-gen. He then shared some information about the game and its storyline:

“Should be revealed within the next few months, it is first-person, any many purists are going to hate it because it’s taking some serious departures in the story/enemies and the like. Hallucinations, Occultism, insanity and not being able to trust others are huge thematics of the game.”

Golem ended the series of tweets by stating they do not know exactly when the game will be revealed or released. They explained that the game was due to be revealed at this year’s E3 but since the event has been cancelled, they are unsure.

The leaks have already been met with some concern from fans just as Golem had predicted. Others, however, have expressed excitement at the prospect of a brand new video game Resident Evil 8 game so soon after the launch of the Resident Evil 3 remake.

If the rumours are true and the game will be releasing next year, an announcement shouldn’t be far off so watch this space.

Image source: Resident Evil 7 Trailer, YouTube

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