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This Is How Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Will Look Like



This Is How Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Will Look Like

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was one of the phones that we liked the most last year. Despite its high price, it went through to reach the market.

Then, it ended up being the first folding mobile phone with satisfactory user experience. And the Galaxy Fold 2 could get some improvement from it.

In fact, Galaxy folds not perfect (no mobile phone is.) It had several defects that we accept as being a first-generation product. Already with the Galaxy Z Flip, we saw how Samsung corrected some flaws using a more durable screen that bet on a glass capable of bending.

Unfortunately, there were still many issues to resolve. And if this leak from the Galaxy Fold 2 is real, they will have fixed them.

Galaxy Fold 2 Leaks: Perfecting The Spectacular

The original Galaxy Fold is already spectacular. With it, users can have a smartphone and a tablet at the same time, due to its folding mechanism. Today, we have exclusive access to see its leak from the WindowsUnited website. Because of this, we can learn about some of the key aspects of Samsung’s future folding tablet.

The most striking part is on the outside. The external screen to use the Fold as a smartphone happens to occupy practically the entire front. Although this was not a significant flaw in the product philosophy, it should improve the user experience. With the thickness that requires a folded tablet, you will not use it too much in this mode, but you will be less limited when you do.

The cameras also improve (as expected), following some lines of design marked by the 2020 Galaxy. A camera module similar to the Galaxy S20 + and the tablet camera happens to be in a small hole instead of the large cutout that the original Fold had.

But without a doubt, what most excites us is that the Fold 2 would have SPen, the feature that has made the Galaxy Note a unique range for years. The stylus is a great productivity tool that ended up coming to the Galaxy Fold in a matter of time.

Is the leak real? Well, like every leak, it should be taken with tweezers. At the level of design and features, it is not surprising that the device finally ended up being this way.

However, some aspects do not quite fit us, such as the notch of the external screen, as well as the shape of the screen frames. That does not seem to fit everything in design.

Still, this render could be real, as it is a design that should be in the development phase.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we can see that the phone is wider. Its camera module is practically identical to that of the Galaxy S20. It looks good, very good, indeed.

This design would be a significant renovation of the Galaxy Fold. Although, we do not know the possibility of seeing something like this by Samsung in 2020. The company is likely to optimize space better, but we don’t know to what extent it will. At the moment, we can only wait, because this Galaxy Fold 2 is not expected to launch until the end of the year.

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