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Microsoft advances Project xCloud Testing for Win 10



Microsoft advances Project xCloud Testing for Win 10

Cloud Gaming is among Microsoft’s bets on the future of the video game industry. Project xCloud is the name of the platform that Microsoft is developing.

It allows users to access the Xbox gaming experience way better online. For now, the option of playing from a mobile device continues to advance, reaching more countries. It includes more games and covers different operating systems. Therefore, testing of the Project xCloud service for Windows 10 has begun.

For now, these first tests of the Project xCloud service for Windows 10 are carried out internally. After presenting great detail about this service in a live broadcast, new images expose that xCLoud will come to PC. Images that The Verge has published presented a welcome screen of Project xCloud in Windows 10.

The arrival of xCloud to PC could be imminent

Among the details exposed by the source, Microsoft has reported that the xCloud service in Windows 10 will run at 720p. It is not ideal, but he anticipates that the arrival of 1080p to service is “just around the corner.”

In the case of mobile devices, the resolution is not a key. However, in the case of PCs, we consider that these devices can move higher resolutions, which will require work to achieve this.

The xCloud service wants to see the light on PC this year, and we know that the tests that must be done before establishing the definitive service are very demanding. We have been watching xCloud on Android devices for a long time, but not yet in PC.

Microsoft continues to work to offer guarantees for a service that uses Microsoft’s xCloud server blades to bring the gaming experience to devices via streaming.

Microsoft Project xCloud Game Overview
Microsoft Project xCloud Game Overview

Microsoft claims that Xbox Series X and xCloud are better together

Having extended to Apple devices, such as iPhone and iPad, Xbox decides to be the total rival of other services, such as Google Stadia or Nvidia GForce.

xCloud servers currently equip Xbox Series S. It is a hardware that will be replaced by Xbox Series X in the future. Although the aspect of the resolution is something that does not depend only on the hardware that the server equips, the contribution of Xbox Series X will be much greater in other aspects, such as loading times and new games supports.

Progress made in xCloud development has been remarkable

xCloud is an ambitious project by Microsoft. Above all, they are bringing a different experience. It will be an experience that encompasses the Xbox community, focusing on service quality, stability, delving into new control options, and much more.

We are still waiting for them to confirm the arrival of xCloud globally. Right now, the company keeps adding games and opens the beta tester to enjoy the alternative plan that Microsoft has in hand.

We know exactly that when Microsoft decides to carry out a project, it always seeks to achieve it at any cost. The Verge added that the Project xCloud would be available from the Microsoft store in the form of an app.

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