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Xiaomi Outperforms Huawei Global Sales for The First Time in History



Xiaomi Outperforms Huawei Global Sales for The First Time in History

In the smartphone war, Xiaomi had never surpassed Huawei’s international sales. In 2019, Xiaomi managed to sell almost 125 million phones in the world. It is nearly half of the smartphones sold by Huawei.

Last February was an exciting month in sales on Android devices. In February this year, for the first time in history, Xiaomi has overtaken Huawei in global sales during the 29 days of last month.

The various United States bans imposed on Huawei in the mobile phone market are finally being reflected in the sales of these devices. As a result, it indirectly benefits Xiaomi. According to the latest numbers shown in the Strategy Analytics website, Huawei has lost the third place that it has held for quite some time in global mobile phone sales.

With these data on the table, Samsung was the company that sold the most mobile phones in February with 18.2 million. Next, we have Apple with 10.2 million. Xiaomi ranked third with 6 million, and Huawei fourth with 5.5 million.

The Global Smartphone Sales Drop Due To Coronavirus

However, as you can see on the table, there is an exciting decrease in sales compared to previous months. Over there, we can see that there is an annual drop of 38% in sales of mobile phones due to the global health situation in which we currently face.

In February 2020, there was the most significant drop in the history of global smartphone sales. The supply and demand for phones plummeted in Asia. As a result, it declined smartphone production in the rest of the world.

In February 2020, sales have fallen from 92.2 million in February last year to 61.8 million this year. If you think these numbers are low, March figures are expected to be even worse, which is why a significant economic recession is expected in this mobile phone market niche.

Huawei had already estimated that this year they would get 20% less sales due to the restrictions of the United States. Still, without taking into account the current health pandemic, the drop could be even worse.

What Happened Before Xiaomi Surpassing Huawei ?

In January 2020, Xiaomi was paired with Huawei in sales. By February, it managed to overcome it. Although that does not mean that it enters the top 3 of smartphone manufacturers with the most sales, it managed to displace Huawei. As the situation is going, Huawei will most likely continue the bad streak for the rest of the year.

The drop in sales has also been felt among the five manufacturers with the most sales in the world. Even so, Samsung continues to be the most stable brand.

What has kept Samsung strong compared to Huawei and Xiaomi is that in March, it launched its new flagship, the Galaxy S20. On the other hand, Apple seems to plan the launch of its latest smartphone, while Huawei is focused on the presentation of the new P40. Still, the lack of Google service appears to be a bad omen for this Chinese manufacturer.

Photo Credit; Gizmochina and I0.

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