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Sony Takes Down Super Mario ‘Dreams’ Creation



Sony Takes Down Super Mario ‘Dreams’ Creation Following Nintendo Complaint

Sony PlayStation has reportedly taken down a Super Mario creation in Dreams.

Dreams is a PlayStation 4 exclusive video game that allows players to create games via user-generated content and share them with other users who can then play the content. So far, fans have created unique games as well as recreated major IPs such as Fallout, Sonic, and Mario.

However, recent reports have claimed that Nintendo is putting pressure on Sony to remove content based on its IPs. Creator Piece-of-Craft revealed on Twitter that the legal department for Sony Interactive Entertainment contacted him after Nintendo issued a complaint over the user’s Dreams creation which featured Mario.

In his tweet, Piece-of-Craft wrote: “Good news and bad news. We flew too close to the sun boys! A big video game company who I will keep nameless obviously didn’t read my ‘be cool’ note in dreams.

“No worries though, I have a back-up plan. But for now, Mario projects in Dreams are on hold until I put said plan into effect.”

In a follow-up tweet, Piece-of-Craft explained how Sony had contacted him, saying: “The email came through to the same email I have linked to my PSN but it was from the legal and business affairs division of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe so not from Mm. And stated Nintendo, themselves, had objected to my use of their Super Mario IP in Dreams.”

Alongside the tweet, Piece-of-Craft shared a screenshot of a moderation notice which reads: “Your creation has been moderated and removed from Dreams, due to ‘Contains copyrighted material.’”

Nintendo has a long history of taking down content related to its IPs according to various reports. However, since Dreams is filled with content based on other intellectual properties, Sony and developer Media Molecule may have more work on their hands.

Making Money

Although users cannot profit from their own Dreams connections, reports from earlier this month suggested that creators will soon be able to sell their work. Media Molecule’s Siobhan Reddy shared a blog post on the Dreams website in which she unveiled details of the program and address several questions.

In the blog post, Reddy revealed that users own the IP for their original creations and that users will be able to use their rights for personal use to make artwork, music, collages, and potentially even t-shirt designs.

Reddy then stated that the team at Media Molecule are encouraging users to do this but are also looking at how to make this easier for creators. She ended the post by revealing that the studio is launching a program, now in its beta stage, which allows creators to submit an application to use their creations outside of the game.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear when Media Molecule’s program will officially launch but we can expect more news on the service within the coming months, so watch this space.

Image credit: Piece-of-Craft

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