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Nokia Revives The Iconic Nokia 5310 XpressMusic This Month



Nokia Revives The Iconic Nokia 5310 XpressMusic This Month

The Nokia XpressMusic is one of Nokia’s most iconic devices. Launched in September 2006, it was a phone designed for music fans. This action is to revive old phones and turn them into features phones. They already did it with the Nokia 3310, then with the Nokia 8110. Now, they do it with the Nokia XpressMusic in the new Nokia 5310.

It is a basic device designed for those who want a mobile to make calls, receive messages, and have a battery for a while. Beyond its design, which we will talk about now, it is one of the points that stand out is its price: 42 Dollars. It can be purchased globally later this month.

The Iconic Features

The new Nokia 5310 retains the essence of the classic XpressMusic. However, it has slightly updated to offer a fresh design. The physical keyboard, for example, is no longer wrapped in a frame, but overflow from the sides. The classic buttons for music control are kept, located in the right frame (play, previous and next) and the left frame (volume up and down).

On the back, there is a single VGA camera accompanied by an LED flash and the Nokia logo, and nothing more. What is most striking is that the cover is removable. This way, the battery can be removed in case you want to change it. On the front side, there is a 12-key alphanumeric keypad, buttons for picking up and hanging up calls, a cross button with a central switch and two buttons for navigating the menus in the upper area. The screen is 2.4 inches in size with QVGA resolution. There are also two front speakers. After all, it is a mobile rooted in music playback.

What Is Under The Hood?

There is not much to talk about when it comes to the processor, since they are usually basic phones designed for equally basic use. We only have 8 MB of RAM, Mediatek MT6260A processor, and 16 MB of internal storage. It is expandable up to 32 GB through microSD cards.

Fortunately, it still has 32 GB external memory. This capacity can mount a good handful of songs. Nokia 5310 marks this section as one of its main attractions. Not only because of the button control and the two front speakers but because it has a smart FM radio connection (you can use handset into the jack port or play it wirelessly.)

The battery is 1,200 mAh. According to Nokia, it can hold up to 30 days in standby and 20.7 hours of continuous conversation. They are theoretical figures, since it will depend on the use that is given to it. Connectivity is basic and the operating system is Nokia Series 30+. It is surprising not to see KaiOS, which would allow users to install WhatsApp and other compatible applications.

Versions and price of the Nokia 5310

The Nokia 5310 will be available globally at the end of March at 39 euros (42 US Dollars in exchange) in white and red or black and red.

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