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Sony PlayStation Reveals PS5 Specs



Sony PlayStation Reveals Official PS5 Specs

Sony has officially revealed the PlayStation 5’s specs, and it’s driven fans wild.

Following the cancellation of E3 2020, Microsoft held a digital event where it unveiled the official specs of its upcoming Xbox Series X console. Now, just days after, Sony had shared the full specs for its PS5 console.

In a 50-minute online presentation that was originally planned for the cancelled Game Developers Conference (GDC), PS5 architect Mark Cerny shared in-depth discussion on the console’s specs.

The PlayStation 5 console will feature 10.28 teraflops, an 825GB SSD, a 3.5GHx CPU, 16GB of RAM, as well as a 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive. What’s more, the console will support 4K visuals at a 120Hz refresh rate.

In the Road To PS5 presentation, Cerny focused on the console’s SSD which allows for a lack of loading screens. It’s been revealed that the SSD will allow the console to load up 5.5GB of data in around a second, diminishing load times dramatically.

Also during the presentation, Cerny revealed that the PS5 will not support games from the PS1, PS2, and PS3 consoles. Although the console has been cited to be backwards compatible with the PS4, the console will reportedly only support the 100 most popular games at launch, though more will be added later on.

Cerny revealed that the PS5 will provide enhanced immersion via 3D audio. The console will include a custom-built engine which, according to Cerny, will offer a “compelling audio experience for all users”.

Users will be able to hear small details such as raindrops and will be able to tell exactly where enemies are by sound alone. Finally, the console’s GPU will support ray tracing like the Xbox Series X to simulate the way light moves in real life.

Console Comparisons

Now that Sony has officially revealed the PS5’s specifications, tech fans have begun comparing the console with Microsoft’s upcoming system the Xbox Series X.

The console will support 12.155 teraflops of graphics power, a CPU frequency of 3.8GHz, and a 1TB SSD. Like the PS5, the Xbox Series X will also feature 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and include a 4K Blu-ray drive.

Comparing the specs suggests that Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console is more powerful than the PS5 console by a margin, but Sony’s new console will be much faster due to the PS5’ new SSD.

One factor that has upset fans, however, is the PS5’s limited backwards compatibility. As mentioned above, only a select number of PS4 games will work with the new console at launch with mode added at a later date.

The Xbox Series X, however, will allow users to play all four generations of Xbox including the original Xbox console, the Xbox 360, the Xbox One X, and the new Xbox Series X. All past games will include visual and performance improvements compared to their original releases.

As of yet, neither the Sony nor Microsoft has revealed the price of their consoles. Release dates have yet to be revealed too but both consoles will reportedly launch this holiday season. Stay tuned for more information.

Image credit: Sony

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