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Google Has Launched The Improved Version of Android 11



Google Has Launched The Improved Version of Android 11

Google has just presented the second version of Android 11. This version will be the successor to the current stable version, Android 10. Available to download on company phones, the new version brings several new features, both for developers and users. From improvements in the interface for folding devices to more excellent compatibility with the different screen refresh rates.

With each new version of Android, the pertinent system news always arrives. All those options aim to improve the software of millions of devices. Often, they are only for developers. Other times, they include a redesign of the interface, or they only anticipate technologies that present in the mid-range smartphone

The new version of Android 11, the so-called Developers Preview 2 (DP2) is one step further.

5G Is Key To Android 11

As you might know, all manufacturers are going to strain us 5G connectivity in the coming years. It was first available in the highest range devices, but then the mid-range phones follow.

Android 11 must face all the challenges to come. This is the reason why Google has included a new API in the recent DP2.

The system can provide information to applications to optimize 5G connectivity. Thanks to the new API, compatible apps can expand the bandwidth for your downloads, minimize latency in multiplayer or choose a higher bit rate in video streaming.

The idea is to get more out of the features implicit in 5G. Android 11 will adapt their data consumption when the mobile connects to 5G

One of the significant changes at the interface level is the detection of the folding angle in dual-screen mobiles. This way, the applications can be adapted to the frequent use between folding and unfolding. It can offer two independent sides of the same interface to show different information.

There is also a call screening assistant feature. Using this, we can detect Spam calls more quickly and without the need for a Google Pixel.

More privacy and security

Android 10 made a massive leap in privacy by including detecting location access in the background. Google decides to move forward on this highly demanded point, including the notice of background access to the microphone and camera.

Android 11 Developer Preview 2 introduces a new manifesto in the attributes of microphone and camera. The applications that want to access these hardware components will have to communicate it. As a result, the system indicates to the user if they have been used in the background. This is an excellent system to boost privacy.

The restricted storage (storage scoped) advances its implementation. Therefore, the applications only have access to the portion of the space that is given to them. It implies that an app with access to files will not be able to access the entire disk, but only a few folders it needs. This condition prevents information theft between applications, for example.

Other improvements to Android 11 DP2

Transitions when unfolding the keyboard of Android 11 also improve. With the synchronization of the transitions between keyboard and application, the movement is much smoother. It can also be controlled manually by the user. It is a small aesthetic detail that represents luxury touch.

Google Has Launched The Improved Version of Android 11
Google Has Launched The Improved Version of Android 11

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