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Google Develops a Website to Help Coronavirus Patients



Google Develops a Website to Help Coronavirus Patients

Over the weekend, the Trump administration began taking steps to prevent the Covid-19 crisis. Indeed, with each passing day, the virus is more directly affecting new states and cities.

Some resources claimed that the government is underway a collaboration with Google to offer a website “for testing for coronavirus” online.

To improve the diagnosis of patients with coronavirus, the company called Verily – part of Alphabet like Google – is committed to scientific research and developed an online triage tool that will classify people at risk of COVID-19 infection.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, explained on the official Google blog that this risk testing website is available to citizens of the Bay of San Francisco.

When This Website is Available

Californians will be able to conduct a COVID-19 evaluation survey starting today, March 16, on the Project Baseline website. Those with symptoms related to the coronavirus will be directed to a mobile unit where they will complete the tests necessary for their diagnosis.

According to Verily’s official site, the area chosen for the pilot has a large number of detected cases. “The program is in its early stages, and we will take the time to evaluate the pilot’s results in the Bay area before expanding the program to other areas,” they said.

They also add: “We are committed to maintaining high standards of privacy and keeping your data secure. Project Baseline follows federal and state regulations governing the collection and use of an individual’s data. The data Verily owns stored on advanced systems with security and privacy protocols.”

Project Baseline is a technology platform that supports research and community health initiatives. 

How to Use this Website

We can say that Verily does not diagnose whether a person has the Covid-19 or not. However, it will serve as a hub in which all the inhabitants of the area will be able to answer a questionnaire.

If they find themselves positive, the website will direct them to a place in the city where they can do the diagnostic test. Furthermore, the system directs people to different destinations to avoid crowds or chaos at the same points of assistance.

Coming to new areas soon

It seems like this Verily tool ends up reaching other countries. Although at the moment, it seems to be focused exclusively on the US, which will make its expansion very complicated.

It is because the website is not a simple online test to find out if we can be potential carriers of the Covid-19. Instead, the patient must also act in coordination with the states to organize the places to go and when using the real-time data.

Other Actions Taken by Google

On the other hand, has committed $ 50 million as a global response to COVID-19 for health and science research, access to educational resources, and support for small businesses.

Pichai announced that the Distance Learning Fund would be launched in the coming weeks to support digital education.

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