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Will PS5 Fix One Of The Big PS4 Problems?



Will PS5 Fix One Of The Big PS4 Problems

One of the most common complaints from PS4 users is how fast it overheats, and it seems like PS5 will invest in a better cooling system. But will this raise the price of the console?

The most demanding games can cause the machine’s circuits to overheat. It is causing the fans to increase their revs, emitting a rather annoying and alarming noise. And even with that, sometimes you can’t stop the console from heating up like a frying pan. Finally, it forces you to turn off the console.

Xbox 360 users know very well what we are talking about, as they will surely remember the fear of the  “Red Ring of Death”, the alarm lights that indicated that the console had overheated. It is a very common error that caused Microsoft to extend the warranty of the console, and that was corrected in successive models, not without loss of millions.

Fortunately, during this generation, we have not encountered such fatal and widespread heating problems. However, that does not mean that the consoles have not suffered their own. Factors such as the position in which we place the console, the material used or the space around it can seriously affect performance.

The Big Problem in PS4

Previously, many PlayStation 4 users have complained about how common it is for the console to heat up and make a lot of noise.

Later this year, the new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft will come out. According to the information we already know, many of their innovations are aimed to optimize the processing.

Thanks to the use of solid hard drives ( SSD), instead of the current hard drives (HHD), which would considerably reduce loading times and the size of games.

However, it seems that Sony will not limit itself to this, and will prioritize the installation of a more advanced cooling system to prevent these problems from recurring. According to Bloomberg reports, the manufacturing price with all the components of the PlayStation 5 would already be closed, including “an unusually expensive cooling system, a few dollars per unit.” The article explains that console manufacturers typically spend less than a dollar for this component. Still, Sony wanted to make sure that “heating the powerful chips inside the console is not a problem.”

What Sony Does to PS5

Recently, a leaked PS5 design (which could be a development prototype or merely a false design) worried some users. By looking at the design, users predict that it would not be able to incorporate the ventilation system necessary for the supposed processor that the console would have.

By looking at the image, PS5 design would be more prone to overheating compared to PS3 and PS4. PS4 can be placed vertically and is the most optimal way to avoid these problems.

However, few people placed it that way because you need a base. Without it, it makes the console very vulnerable to accidental falls. If the design leaks were true, the only condition Sony can improve the cooling system is to opt for more expensive cooling technology.

On the other hand, the significant disadvantage of having a better (and more expensive) cooling system is that it would increase the manufacturing cost of the PS5. According to Bloomberg, it would be around $470 per console.

In comparison, PS4’s initial manufacturing costs were $381, and the console went on sale for $399. Estimating a similar profit margin, Bloomberg estimates that the PS5’s price could be around $470, which puts them in a bind since the price will be one of the factors that mark the next “battle” between consoles.

It is possible to repeat the situation in 2013 when Sony sold the first PS4 units at a loss before it could reduce costs and make profits. The great success of PS4 may encourage Sony to lower the price of the console to get ahead at the beginning of the generation. Some leaks suggest that both consoles will come out with two versions (such as launching both PS5 and PS5 Pro)

Hopefully, whatever decisions they make, they will fix PS4’s cooling issues on the new PlayStation 5.

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