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Red Dead Redemption relation with History?



Red dead redemption relation with history

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best action game that is developed by Rockstar. The game is famous for its graphics and gameplay. The game is set in the 20th century in the imaginary place of American and Mexican counties and states. The talented folks at Rockstar, carefully crafted historical atmosphere in the game.

The game is accurate and relevant to the early 20th century and also features the cultural memory related to the Wild West. At the start, the game develops an outclass historical environment. You don’t see any horse or Wild West in the beginning. The protagonist later moves to the Wild West in the game.

The Engagement of the game with History

The use of History in the game is very significant. Many developers aim to use History in the games so people can learn and understand various historical facts. The people not only learn, but they also experience History through games. Red Dead Redemption is one of the few ancient games in which developers did an excellent job.

Rockstar made a fascinating game. Creating an accurate historical game was not an easy task. From clothing to the environment, everything in the game carefully designed related to History.

The game engages players with everything from Clint Eastwood to Spaghetti Westerns.

Rockstar used historically themed to refresh the period that is fading out in our memory. The protagonist John Marston is a lone ranger outlaw who is hunting down his past in the familiar Western territory.

The developers would have been in trouble for taking on a historical theme. American society and their cultural identities are linked to their past. Portraying this past in the game could be offensive for them. But developers carefully handle this and avoid showing someone’s great grandfather as a villain.

Some Historical weapons and facts

The guns in the game are very historically accurate, and these weapons exist before the 20th century. To add a variety of weapons, developers include multiple weapons of that time that are not even commonly available. Some significant guns in the game are Kalman revolver, and the volcanic pistol was made before the events of the game.

The developers have shown the relations between the natives and the government in the old west. In the game, life in the old west is tough in which natives are losing their land and culture. The government desires to expand its territory and occupy the land because it is full of resources.

The game is very accurate, but it features a lot of crime. Although the crime was common during that era, guns were not conventional in most towns. Maybe to create the gameplay fascinating, the developers modified this fact. Overall it is fun to play the game.

If anyone loves playing games and want to learn about American History, he should play Red Dead Redemption. The game is the best example that shows the historical settings and highlights some of the issues of that era.

Photo Credit: Rockstar

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