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Nokia First 5G Smartphone In James Bond Movie



Nokia First 5G Smartphone In James Bond Movie No Time To Die

Nokia was one of the many brands that canceled its presence at the MWC 2020 last month. The brand regularly presents at this event, where they usually offer several models, including their high-end.

This year, the presentation will be something different. Fortunately, we will not have to wait too long for it, since Nokia has confirmed the launch date.

A few days ago, the head of official products of HMD, Juho Sarvikas, made an announcement on Twitter about its first 5G Nokia smartphone and the James Bond movie franchise.

After that, Nokia launched a press release to confirm this news officially. Nokia’s first 5G phone will exist  in the next Agent 007’s movie, ” No Time to Die .”

Nokia Has Confirmed An Event In Two Weeks

In this event, we will know the new high-end phone of the brand, which will also be its first 5G compatible phone. It is a phone that also has the best possible promotion: it comes out in the new James Bond movie.

Nokia will hold the event in London on March 19, where several phones will also be presented. Surely, those are smartphones that were planned to launch at the MWC 2020.

The brand has not given clues about this model, simply speaking of its first 5G phone. Therefore, it is expected that it will have Snapdragon 865 as a processor, using Qualcomm’s X55 modem to provide it with this connectivity.

Besides, for the camera of this model, they have collaborated with Toshiba, creating a unique sensor for the device. There are also rumors about the presence of eSIM in it, but there is nothing confirmed. This brand new phone also comes from the hand of the most famous secret agent in the world. This model will come out in the next James Bond movie, “No Time to Die,” whose premiere has been delayed from April to November because of the coronavirus.

In the image above, you can see that Nomi (new agent 00), played by Lashana Lynch, carries this phone in his missions in the film.

The wait to meet the new generation of Nokia phones, including its first 5G phone, is very short. In just two weeks, on March 19, they will be official. The presentation can also be seen through the official YouTube channel of the brand. Although, the specific time of its celebration has not yet confirmed.

HMD also announced that they would launch an advertising spot on March 8, giving us a look at the next Nokia phones. The place will feature Lashana Lynch, who will play the role of agent Nomi in the film. It will look like she uses the new mobile to complete his mission.

Challenges for Nokia

The delay of the 25th film of Agent 007 may be the first of a few. The new date now jumps until November 12. It means eight months of extra waiting to enjoy Daniel Craig’s last foray as the best known British agent.

Obviously, this should disrupt Nokia’s plans, since it is not the same to see the phone in action on a date close to its launch than when more than half a year has passed.

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