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Youtube For Android Now Allows You To Filter Your Subscribed Channels



Youtube For Android Now Allows You To Filter Your Subscribed Channels

YouTube has become one of the essential video platforms in the world. It is the main one if we don’t focus on the professional streaming platform. And it is clear that the consumption of mobile phones is significant, although many people also use it on the computer or the TV.

Within the YouTube app for Android, there is a vital section, subscriptions. That’s where we are notified when a channel we follow uploads content.

This section was updated with the stories (which have also recently come to Twitter.) Thanks to that, we could see which channels had news when a blue dot appeared in the avatar of each creator. The problem is that we had to navigate through that feed looking for the videos we wanted. That has already changed. Finally, YouTube has implemented a filter function.

What Filter Function Does

The purpose of this new YouTube feature is that users can more easily catch up on the news from their favorite creators. Until now, when we entered the ‘Subscriptions’ tab, the last videos uploaded to the channels to which we subscribed appeared in chronological order from most recent to least recent.

The easiest way to see which channels had news was to go to the ‘Stories’ and check which ones had a blue dot in the avatar. From now on, it will be much faster and easier.

You only need to touch one of the icons in the list of channels that appear at the top of the ‘Subscriptions’ tab, and YouTube will show us in chronological order the latest videos of that creator (whose icon will appear highlighted, while the others become translucent).

It’s something similar to what we do when filtering the subscription feed, but only for that channel. To go to the homepage of that creator, click on ‘View channel,’ and to return to the main view of ‘Subscriptions,’ simply touch the back arrow or the icon of the currently selected channel.

Also, as the list of your subscriptions is kept at the top, you can very easily switch from one channel to another by touching on their respective icons.

You can use this new function easily. To do this, we just have to go to our subscriptions and click on the channel we want to filter. When we do the rest, they will become more transparent, and in the lower area, only the content of the channel we have chosen will appear, making it much easier to filter the videos.

Youtube Subscriptions Channel Filter. Photo Credit:

This new feature has been tested already, and now YouTube has made it official. Therefore,  it is a matter of time that it reaches all users. You just have to update the application in the Google Play Store and wait for the company’s servers to be fully updated. However, the featured will likely be available in iOS within several months later.

So, have you updated your YouTube Apps? Did you see this feature already? Let us know in the comment below!

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