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Huawei App Gallery Now Offers Up To 100% Profit To App Developer



Huawei App Gallery Now Offers Up To 100% Profit To App Developer

The business of mobile applications can be very lucrative today. Every year, Google and Apple bill millions of dollars in revenue, thanks to in-app purchases, as well as the payment of premium apps and subscriptions through their operating systems.

Although Google has presumed that it has delivered more than 80 billion dollars to its developers worldwide for apps in the Play Store, some people have criticized that Google and Apple still take too much share in it.

And this is where Huawei wants to attract Android developers to its Android application store known as App Gallery.

Huawei Will Pay More Than Google To Its Developers

The Chinese company has revealed that it will be reaching agreements with developers so that they can take up to 90% of all revenue generated by their applications in the App Gallery.

The advantage of Huawei is that it is currently the number 2 manufacturer in the world that sells more phones worldwide. Therefore, there is an excellent opportunity to generate revenue for developers.

Some sources close to the company point out that some developers may receive 100% of the revenue generated by their apps in the AppGallery for a limited time.

During the last presentations of the brand on the launch of the Huawei Mate Xs, the Chinese brand has shown its commitment to create a stable ecosystem of software and applications around Huawei phones that no longer incorporate the Google services.

Educational applications will receive an average of 80% of the income they generate on the Huawei distribution platform. In comparison, developers who distribute apps in the other two categories will benefit from 85% compensation of the total.

For new developers who start their activity in AppGallery before June 30, 2020, a “welcome period” is established that rewards the author 100% of the profit obtained during the first year, and up to 90% the second year. It is something that does not happen with Google and Apple, which charges a 30% commission to their developers for each transaction.

In fact, this Google policy of 30% commission is what led Epic Games not to publish Fortnite in the Play Store. However, they are not the only ones who have criticized Google for this.

No doubt the plan of Huawei is attractive, but we will have to wait a while to see if it really works. Although for now, the company seems to be closing agreements with large companies to take their apps to the App Gallery. Soon, we will see Facebook and WhatsApp in their app gallery.

Why Huawei Do This

The US blockade of Huawei is forcing the Chinese giant to change its strategy to stop relying on Google services. At the same time, they have to keep a good experience of its users offering alternatives to the most popular apps.

In recent months, AppGallery, the brand’s app store, has become the top priority for Huawei. This is demonstrated by the significant incentives offered to developers who decide to distribute their applications on this platform.

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