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E3 2020 Is ‘Moving Ahead Full Speed’ Despite Coronavirus Concerns



E3 2020 Is ‘Moving Ahead Full Speed’ Despite Coronavirus Concerns

Organisers of E3 2020 have confirmed that the video game conference is still going ahead as planned despite concerns regarding coronavirus.

Last month, several gaming companies pulled out of PAX East due to concerns over their staff’s wellbeing and safety. Yesterday, we reported that organisers of the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) postponed their conference to an undecided date due to the virus.

Despite all of that, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the company responsible for organising E3, have issued a statement confirming that the event will be going ahead as planned.

In a statement to Vice Games, the ESA said: “Everyone is watching the situation very closely. We will continue to be vigilant, as our first priority is the health, wellness, and safety of all of our exhibitors and attendees.

“Given when we know at this time, we are moving ahead full speed with E3 2020 planning. Exhibit and registration sales are on track for an exciting show in June.”

E3 2020 is set to take place from June 9th to June 11th in Los Angeles. The event is the biggest conference within the industry but it has been facing difficulties in the last few years.

E3 2020: What’s Happening?

Over the last few years, E3 has seen several prominent gaming companies and publishers pull out of the event. Last year, Sony PlayStation pulled out of the event and although they’re releasing a new console later this year, Sony has once again decided to skip this year’s conference.

Shortly after Sony announced they were pulling out of the event, Geoff Keighley, who regularly hosts video game events and takes part in the E3 conference, announced that he too will not be appearing at the show.

The award show host, who has appeared at the event since it first began, announced the news on Twitter. In an interview with the Washington Post later on, Keighley explained that he didn’t “feel comfortable” participating in this event this year.

Around the same time, the ESA issued a statement explaining that it was looking to “shake things up” due to dwindling interest. According to the ESA, it will be working with industry insiders and creative partners for the event which will reportedly include “surprise guests, amazing stage experiences” and more.

Finally, we reported last month that a leak revealed which game companies will be participating in the event. According to the leak, the firms attending E3 2020 include Amazon Game Studios, Bethesda, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, THQ Nordic, SEGA, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Activision Publishing, Microsoft, and many more.

Dozens of talks, gameplay reveals and announcements will take place during the event and we may even see Microsoft share more information about its upcoming Xbox Series X console, which was originally revealed at last year’s The Game Awards.

As concern for coronavirus grows, however, we may eventually see more game companies drop out of the event entirely. Still, as the ESA has confirmed, E3 2020 is set to go ahead as planned.

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