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Skull and Bones video game 2020 update



Skull and Bones video game 2020 update

Skull and Bones is a strategic action game set in the open-world environment. It is a third-person perspective where players may choose a customizable captain and set to sail in the vast Indian Ocean. The players may set on a single-player campaign, or gather allies to conquer the raging waters.

This article will help all you need to know about the Skull and Bones.

Release Date

During the press conference of Ubisoft at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, Skull and Bones got revealed. It was to release in 2018, which then got delayed until 2019. The good news is that it is not waiting for the Ubisoft’s fiscal year to end, and is confirmed to release in March 2020.

Gameplay of Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones will take the players into the massive Indian Ocean, where they will battle for survival by sinking other ships. The ultimate goal is to become the mighty captain of the seas. You will steer around the ocean and shoot cannons at the enemy ships.

Dominate with Cannon Shots

There is a variety of cannon shots. Some of these deals damage to other ships or making them unable to sail or shoot back. Each boat comes with a unique ability. You can shoot eight cannon shots at a time or the rapid-fire without waiting for a cooldown.

Ship Customization

Not only cannon shot, but the ships can now sail in various manners as well. The ship classes allow the plates to choose between strength and agility. You can also navigate according to the situation, like speed for escaping rather than combat and operations. It can also disguise as other ships from different states. There are three main classes of boats we know so far.


It wields thick armor and also goes into siege mode – unleashing an attack on enemies with its cannons.


Frigate comes with a front-faced battering ram that is deadly to the touch.


One known as the sniper of the sea with its long-range cannons.

Weather and Mythical Creatures

Weather plays a massive role in any game set in the waters. Pirates will encounter deadly typhoons in the Skull and Bones. Lightning storms, high and low winds, and high waves will change the perspective of the gameplay.

By the way, there is also a Kraken. It revealed itself before the change in the actual gameplay, so there is a slight chance that it might not be there anymore. We can hope that it is not.

Single Player and Multiplayer modes

So far, there is not much information on single-player mode yet, but for sure, there will be one. Players will start from the bottom and climb to the top. Pirates will hunt other pirates, and gain wealth and reputation.

Multiplayer is a collection of different modes. One of them is Loot Hunt. There will be two teams comprising of 5 players each. The goal is to take down the enemy and pick up the loot. In the end, the pirate hunters will appear and take down the team with the most booty. Teamwork and communication will play a vital role in the multiplayer modes.

Skull and Bones have much more to offer, so players should be looking forward to the official release.

What features would you like to see in Skull and Bones? Please let us know.

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