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Huawei Search Will Replace Google Searches on Your Next Huawei Mobile



Huawei Search Will Replace Google Searches on Your Next Huawei Mobile

The next Huawei phones face different challenges because of the lack of Google services. The situation is already known to everyone, and the turning back seems impossible.

The company is preparing to launch a new device catalog in 2020 without Google services. This has several 

Today we will talk about Huawei Search. It is an application dedicated to perform searches on the Internet to offer you results on your typed queries. Yes, the same as the Google Search application does on Android phones.

Huawei Search vs. Google Search

An uncertified Huawei mobile does not have the Google search application available. Therefore, all searches must be done from the browser. Now things will change after knowing that Huawei is testing the Huawei Search application in beta. In essence, it is the same as Google searches, but without the good of Google.

If the situation does not change, and in the coming months, you buy a Huawei mobile, you will most likely not have access to the Google search application. To alleviate this lack, Huawei will offer its own app to which we can now take a look.

A Reddit user has access to the beta phase and has installed Huawei Search on his Mate 30. The result is it is a very simple application with a search bar, a section for time, and also a kind of ‘Discover’ in the Google style. The most interesting thing is in the search bar, it will be there where you do the searches.

The results are shown on cards and with different sections of images, videos, or news. It is displayed in a very similar way as Google does with its Android search application. After clicking one of the links of the results, it opens in the browser you have selected by default.

Huawei Search Features

At the moment, it is a simple application with three tabs: Discover, Search, and Me. The Google application has a few more tabs (Notifications, Collections, More), although the relationship is evident. Discovering is basically like Google’s Discover, showing “interesting” articles.

The search is obviously done using Google, but a search engine to be determined. The search includes both web and device results, in which case you can search for applications, contacts, messages, calendars, notes, emails, settings, or songs. From the settings, you can choose which local elements you want to appear in the search and which not.

Like the Google application, weather forecasting is included, as well as searching beyond the web, also for images. This image search, by the way, is practically identical compared to Google.

It can be configured in several languages​​, and its simplicity is what attracts the most attention. This application is likely accompanied by a widget to place a search bar on the home screen.

The biggest question right now is what search engine you use to display the results. From XDA, they report that the results shown do not correspond to any of the most used and popular features of the current market. This can be a disadvantage for some users who are accustomed to receiving Google results.

Photo credit: XDA-Developers

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