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Dota Underlords Season One Update Overview



Dota Underlords Season One Update Overview

Dota Underlords is an auto battler game, based on a popular Dota 2 community-created game known as Dota Auto Chess, and published by Valve. Dota Underlords is a team-based multiplayer game in which Players upgrade their troops and unlock new combinations to outclass the opponents.

The popularity of the game is continuing to rise since the day it was released. It is a free to play strategy game available across multiple platforms like Windows, Linus, IOS, and Android devices.

Season one is here

Dota Underlords is finally out of the Early Access with exciting new features and a Battle Pass. Now there is a ton of new stuff to explore and rewards to earn. Let us examine what season one has to offer.

Game Modes

One of the new additions in the Dota Underlords is the original Solo and multiplayer modes. These modes are all related to the ongoing narrative for Season One. Someone killed the queen, and now smugglers and other creatures are trying to overtake the city of White Spire. Those include a drunkard walrus, demon summoner, and much more.

Players are allowed to choose from the heroes, form a strategy, and clear through the stages and mysteries. Unlock plenty of bonus rewards and crush your enemies.

City Crawl

The City Crawl mode is the most exquisite addition to the Dota Underlords in the recent update. It represents a large map filled with challenges. Few of them include objectives to clear in the regular multiplayer matches like dealing damage to enemies with a certain Underlord.

Other challenges include facing off against NPC forces for survival. Two-stack battles with pre-selected units and facing off against combo attacks. The puzzle challenges force the players with limited summons against a large number of enemies. It can be fun at times and a brain teaser the other.

Ultimately, there are now several different ways to play the Dota Underlords. Some objectives require almost no effort, but few can take a stroll on the brain and might take a lot of time.

Seasonal Rotations

The new season comes with a roster change. Not only heroes but items and Alliances are also changing. The Vigilant, new summoner and Void Alliances welcome themselves in the game. However, Inventors and Scrappies got removed from the scene. Hats are the new item when equipped, adds and allegiance to the specific hero.

Returning Players

The participants from the Beta season of Dota Underlords are in luck. They will receive Golden Ricky statue, a poster title, and the Season 0 maps.

Season One Battle Pass

Dota Underlords now has its Battle Pass to work with, and costs only $5. It offers over 100 rewards, including cosmetics and customizable options. With this, players can edit their battlefield. The other prizes include new boards, wanted poster art, and much more. Most of the rewards are free, but a Battle Pass is compulsory for full access to the City Crawl content.

Which new feature in Dota Underlords piqued your interest? Please let us know.

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